First Date Movie

I suspect this has been done before, but a search reveals nothing.

What was the first movie you took a date to (or, to which you were taken by a date)?

The first movie I ever took a girl to was Young Frankenstein. The year was 1974 (I was 12.) The girl’s name was Crystal Somethingorother. We saw Young Frankenstein at the Capitol (or was it the Met?) in downtown Winnipeg, with probably six other kids (all guys, I think) sitting behind us. Poor Crystal. She must have been even more scared than I was.

My dad gave me great advice on this one.“Movies are horrible first dates” You don’t get to know a girl at a movie" He was right.But the first movie I took a girl too was “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, I was 16.

Dead Alive… That’s a good one.

“Wrongfully Accused” with Leslie Nielsen.

This was September of my 9th grade year when I was 14 years old.

Sooooo nervous, but it was the first time I held hands with a boy. :smiley:

I went with a double play of “Soylent Green” and “Blade Runner.” Worked pretty good.

Bob Carol Ted and Alice

I was 13
He was 17

I try not to think about that afternoon.

Apollo 13, with Tracy, August of 1995. I was 18, she was 17, and sheesh, it took a long time for a first-date-movie for me.

Opportunity Knocks, when I was 18. One of Dana Carvey’s many mediocre films.

As for the date, forget it. It was a blind double-date. The two girls were best friends and spent the entire time sitting together gossiping about people they knew at school. The other guy and I just kind of sat around pretending to be interested in hearing what people we had never met had been wearing last weekend. There was no second date.

My first good movie date was several years later. I went to see The Bridges of Madison County (her choice) with a girl I had just met in a bar a few days earlier. Not much of a movie, but boy, was she in the mood afterwards! :wink:

And FWIW, for my first real date with the woman who is now my fiancee, we went to see the Disney version of Hercules.


First movie I took a girl to was X, this past summer (I was 18 then; so long ago…).
Anyway, we both really enjoyed the movie. Though, I didn’t really take her (as I thought I was) and it turned out to not really be a date.
Geez. Two posts on this in the same day. How sad is that? Sorry. It just happened to relate to each thread.

The first movies I was taken to was The Cider House Rules. Boyfriends before that just didn’t like to tae me anywhere, except where they worked (Not SUCH a bad thing in the instance of the Roller-Coster Attendant)

Now, the BEST movie I’ve been taken to on a date is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. That was only last weekend, come to think of it… GOOD movie.

The Princess Bride. In my opinion, probably the best 1st date movie of all time.

Saw ‘The Doors’ with 2nd girlfriend on our first official date. that one may seem a bit off-kilter for a first date movie, but then again, she was rather alluringly off-kilter as well…

Let’s see…

1st boyfriend: Beetlejuice. Definitely set a slightly goofy tone for the relationship.

2nd boyfriend: In the Name of the Father. Pretty good movie. Made slightly awkward by the fact that my ex was there (we ran into him in line) and we were not on great terms.

3rd boyfriend (now mr. c): Big Night. Sweet, lovely movie. Man, was I ever hungry by the time that one was over.

I spit on your Grave

[sub]Just kidding. I haven’t had a date since the talkies first became popular, anyway.[/sub]

My very first date took me to see Top Gun in 1986. He was squirming around during the love scene and I remember how funny I thought that was. Now that I think about it I ended up paying for the movie so I guess I took him, either way I had a good time.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? with my very first boyfriend. We were both thirteen. We were boyfriend/girlfriend (OOH!) for six months before I even kissed him. Kinda funny in light of my lasciviousness in later years…

first movie with a serious* g/f

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

oh god did that ever suck… surprised that relationship lasted the 6 monthes that it did, fun relationship tho… <remembers single life fondly>

*serious in this context is defined as ‘after the age of innocence’ to put it poetically.

First movie I took a girl to, believe it or not, was The Fly II. That’s not the goofy part, though: during the entire movie, we talked about the science behind it, and why it would or wouldn’t work. Still remember what it felt like, holding her hand…

Sugar and Spice, today. It wasn’t really a date…I just went with a girl I went to school with. But my girlfriend’s 1500 miles away, so I can’t go with her…:frowning:

I went to see Road Trip with a boy once. I chose the movie specifically so that he would be less inclined to think “oh, we’re going on a DATE date”.

Jabberwocky (Monty Python). I wouldn’t say best day of my life, but probably in the top 10.