First endangered species cat clone! Adorable kitty pictures!

From an email we received today from the Audubon Nature Institute, which we’re members of, the world’s first endangered Africa wildcat clone is being announced to the public. Named Ditteaux (hey, this is New Orleans), he is just too totally adorable! I thought all of you kitty people would love to see him!!!

Why do I open these kitten links? It’s not like I even like cats! I’ve got hayfever! And cloning!

Aww heck, very cute kitty though. I love the confused kitten faces they make and this tabby seems to be more adorably podgy then the norm. :slight_smile:

Wow, great!

It’s a real pity we’ve already lost so many species. Maybe someday in the future DNA technology will progress to the point where genetic material can be retrieved from old specimens and some animals can be brought back.

It’s incredible how recently some animals have been lost. Two that leap to mind are the Passenger Pigeon and Tasmanian Wolf or Thylacine, although the jury’s kind of still out on that one.

Good work!

That kitten looks cute enough to eat! :wink:

Aww… Cute!
I want another kitty, I only have seven.