First into al-Zarqawi safehouse - Iraqi security or US commandos? Misinformation??

Am I the only one who heard this or questions it?

Ok, so the news stories go: Iraqi forces first on the scene tried to strap al-Zarqawi to a stretcher, he attempted to get off the stretcher so they manhandled him back onto it and he died.

However, I thought I heard a news clip saying that US commandos retrieved a trove if intelligence (documents, passports, even pocket fluff) prior to Iraqi forces arriving on the scene.

This sounds reasonable, since American Commandos were watching al-Zarqaqi’s movements and likely ‘spotted’ the house for the F16s during the attack.

Question #1: why would Iraqi forces have been first on the ‘scene’ if commandos were on the ground already?

Question #2: Did anyone else hear Commandos retrieved the intel prior to anyone else arriving on the scene?

Question #3 (and most curious): Why in the world is everyone calling it a safe house??? It certainly wasn’t safe. :smack: