First Kiss - Short Film

This popped up as a random suggestion today. It is so sweet! I loved the way the couples deal with it - try to build a connection out of nothing. And how into it some of them got!

Best moment: “That was a good one! I’m sorry.”

Getting a lot of buzz - including a write up in the NYTimes - because it was made to advertise clothing. Some folks are upset about finding out it is a form of ad, but other clothing labels are apparently seeing it as the shape of advertising to come…

I thought it was well done.

Yeah, it’s an ad.

This response video is better:

“Watching Actors Give Fake Handjobs for the First Time is Really Tragic.”

I’m such a gulli-bull!:smack:

I mean, they’re probably still strangers sharing a first kiss. But they’re carefully selected, charismatic strangers accustomed to performing.

I’d personally rather see the gawky, awkward, average-looking regular person version.