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Since this is MPSIMS, and I like to hear stories about people and things like this, I was just wondering…what were the circumstances around your first kiss? (assuming there was a clear-cut first kiss). I mean, was it during a particular movie, a song, did it have a funny story attached, was it a fond/bad memory…I don’t know. I guess I just like stories like this (I suppose others do, too).
Mine is not very interesting at all, but I guess I can start. It was during the movie of The Wall (Pink Floyd), during the song “Nobody Home”. So now whenever I hear that song, I remember that.
Anyone have a story?

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Well my first one was at the end of a Valentines Dance freshman year of high school in her car (she was a year older). We were friends, and she talked me into going as friends, but then she tried to jump me at the end of the night. I wasn’t against getting some lovin, but she was not good looking. She kinda kissed me, and I didn’t kiss back, so I don’t really count this one.

The first one I actually count was in the summer of my junior year. My parents were out of town, I threw a party. I did this quite often because my parents left every weekend in the summer. I was hitting on this girl, and she had just broken up with her old boyfirend, and things were going well, but then she panicked and went back to him. I was bummed out and as the party died down this girls best freind and cousin stayed to help clean up. Well apparently they were interested and when the cousin went into another room, the best friend attacked me. She was hot. This quickly escalated to a whole list of firsts, kiss, first base, second, third, home run and a few things better left to the penthouse letters. The following weekend I found out that the cousin was interested as well and had my list of seconds. Never heard much from the original girl again, and both of the girls I hooked up with were one night things. Ironically, my first serious girlfriend occured a month later and after we were together for a month or so I found out that she was good friends with all three of the other girls…small world considering none of these girls were in my high school. As for what do I remember? Well it all was pretty intense and I didn’t focus on the subtleties, but the song Regulate by Warren G was on repeat in the CD player, and she was wearing black thong panties.

My first kiss happened on prom day.

I took my friend out to the prom because her boyfriend didn’t have the money to afford everything.

So before the prom, my friend made me meet her boyfriend because he didn’t really trust me that much. After a few minutes talking about cars, he gave the OK for us to go. He promised us that he’ll start up a party after prom with his friends and us.

After prom, when we came back, we found out that they were having their party, only without us. My friend, upon hearing this, was pissed!!! She called up her boyfriend, yelling at him why she and I weren’t invited. He said that the police were over there and they didn’t want us getting into trouble. (we found out later that it was a kegger/pot party)

Slamming the phone down, she looks at me with a furious look, and said “I don’t need him, I got you”. That’s when I got my first kiss.

The boyfriend, I mean, ex boyfriend, still doesn’t know about this.

“Nobody Home” as a first-kiss song?
My first kiss was uneventful- I don’t remember his name- but let me tell you my sister’s experience. The gut she kissed had just finished a mouthful of Doritos (original flavor, this was early '80s). She still can’t stand the smell of Doritos.

Ahhh… Cheryl. When I was 15, I worked with this girl, who also happened to be dating my best friend. She and I got along great and after he broke up with her, she and I continued to communicate. One day, she called me up and asked if she could come over. “Yeah, sure…” says I. She pops on over, we’re sitting on the floor of the hallway (don’t ask, I don’t know why we chose the hallway as a place to sit) and she jumps into my lap. Asks if it’s not comfortable for me… I have no objections. Then she kisses me. Not “peck” kisses, but lays her experienced lips against my virgin ones and lets it all happen. Quite a nice experience for my first kiss.

As it turned out, the girl was quite insane. Turns out after my friend broke up with her, she faked being pregnant to get money from him for an ‘abortion’. When I found out about it, I broke up with her and she sent me long letters threatening me with witchcraft and stuff. Good kisser though.

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Mine’s rather fresh in my mind, considering that it happened only 4 months and 25 days ago. (Yes, that was April 1st. A Thursday.) She is my first and only girlfriend, and we had just started going out. I had never done anything before (unusual because I’m 21), so I was sort of unsure and a little nervous. I didn’t know how to start, but I had told her that I wanted to be the one to kiss her first, rather than the other way around. We were in a nightclub, and after dancing we found a nice place to sit and relax for a while. I put my arm around her, feeling as nervous as I ever have, and we looked into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, I wasn’t nearly as nervous. I leaned in and kissed her. And it was like I had opened a gate somewhere, we completely forgot about the club and were making out oblivious to anything other than each other. It was a wonderful experience, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Sorry, Gundhilde, but I never kiss and tell.


TheNerd -

It’s not that unusual not to have done anything at 21. I’m 24 and haven’t done anything. sigh

My first kiss… wow, waking some memories up. I was thirteen, and had been ‘going steady with’ a high school boy named Randy Lehman. My mom decided to snap into her ‘ultracool hipster Mom’ mode, and encouraged me invite him over one night for an evening of dinner with my parents and then alone in our basement with the TV and other recreational stuff. It sounded pretty good to me.

The night before, Randy and I were talking on the phone and he started asking me all these questions about kissing, and if I ever had kissed anyone, and if I wanted to… and by the time we hung up the phone I decided that at any time I did not want to be alone with him. In a panic I invited my neighbour friend over for the evening and she was supposed to have been the ‘company’ which would discourage him from making any moves.

Then my friend left early, and Randy and I sat on the beanbag chairs on the floor playing nintendo games for a few minutes. Suddenly he reached up and turned the TV off. gulp Still holding the nintentdo controller, I nervously said, “Um, do you want to watch something on TV?”

“No,” he said, staring intently at my probably nervously contorted face.

“Do you want to go upstairs?” I asked.

“No,” he replied again, still staring, this time at my lips.

“What do you want to do then?” I asked, exasperated and terrified.

All of a sudden, there he was, one hand behind my head pulling me close to him. Many thoughts darted through my head; I considered darting away and pretending like I was ill, running upstairs and hiding, but was frozen; transfixed by the curiousity of my own mind and body. As he kissed my mouth for the first time I felt myself melting, responding in ways I’d only read about. He was tender, gentle, and kissed me exactly how every girl should be kissed the first time.

“Kiss?” What is . . . “kiss?”

My first kiss… hmmm… With a girl or a boy? My first real kiss (ie tongue) with a girl was when I was in fourth grade and the girl was in sixth grade. We were playing spin the bottle (truly) and she basically cheated to get the bottle to land on me. I figured it would be a little peck (what I was hoping) but it actually ended up more like a long, passionate tongue kiss. Boy was I surprised. Contrary to popular belief, I was not out of the closet in fourth grade, that is what junior high (partially closeted) and high school were for (completely out after 14).

My first kiss with a boy was much nicer. He was in seventh grade, as was I. An auburn/red head named Kurt. (No last names divulged here.) We were playing the typical boy game of “explore the tunnels under the highway” when we finally stopped in the center, in pitch blackness, and started talking about playing truth or dare. Well, at first it was innocent, but it seemed we both had a subversive aspect of our minds. It soon became I will kiss you if you kiss me, then I will use my tongue if you will use yours. It was wonderful, very tender, very open, and very innocent. He became my first real boyfriend from early seventh grade until mid eighth grade when I was forced to move away. All of our immediate friends knew that we were gay; although, our families did not know at the time.

<SIGH!> I have not thought about that in a long time. Thanks for the topic Gunhilde

When I was in high school the gang/clique I ran around with used to keep track of “numbers”, i.e., the number of girls you had kissed. A not uncommon topic of conversation was how many numbers you had. Since my number was zero I was highly reluctant to join in these conversations. I thought I had successfully avoided the subject until I actually did kiss a girl, which happened at a party that a lot of these guys were at. As I was kissing her (actually she was kissing me) I could hear them chanting – “We’re Number One! We’re Number One!”. Thanks alot guys!

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My first kiss was after my first date. I had just turned 16. We were in her parents’ driveway. It was a nice kiss and we dated for almost three years after that until we broke up in college. She was my first for everything and I have only pleasant memories of her.

My first kiss story was so goofy… I was 14 and had been “seeing” my first real boyfriend for maybe a MONTH before it ever happened. The problem was that I wasn’t allowed to date, so this guy and his best friend would meet me at my best friend’s house and the four of us would hang out. We almost never had a minute alone, so, we hadn’t kissed, and were the subject of a LOT of teasing by the rest of our clique. Finally (and this is the REALLY feeble part), we all went on a Church camping trip in Wisconsin, and he and I snuck off to go on a walk in the woods after dinner and kissed. It was pretty sweet, actually.

“You’re going to listen
to ME? To something I
said? Haven’t I made it
abundantly clear over the
tenure of our friendship
that I don’t know shit?”

  • Brodie, “Mallrats”

My first kiss: how embarrassing. For some reason, I was not exactly the girl guys wanted to kiss when I was young. Anyway, all the neighborhood kids (country neighborhood) were together playing “hide-n-seek” when my friend and her boyfriend and his brother and I hid together. They started making out and then dared this guy to kiss me. I guess I should say this was my first French kiss. Was very gross. He was not a good kisser, I had absolutely NO interest in him at all, etc etc. Glad that was over with. I was probably 13.
Best kiss I remember was playing hide-n-seek again and guy I really liked followed me. He said “hey, come here” and kind of pulled me to him (mmm, I love an assertive male!) and laid one on me. God, my knees went weak! Serious! He smelled good and was the BEST kisser. ::Sigh:: misty watercolored memories…of the way…we were (good thing you don’t have to hear me sing! ;))

I was 16 and she was 28. She was attending some of the same courses I was taking at the time, and I was captivated by her.

I offered her a ride home one day and, on the way she suggested that we study together for the upcoming final exam. We compared work schedules and worked out a loose arrangement to allow for study time.

For the first couple of weeks we studied at the dining room table, making tremendous headway. As the perceived pressure eased up, we moved our studies to the living room and studied sat the coffee table, with the TV providing a bit of background noise–no sense in burning ourselves out, we reasoned.

One evening, when the tube seemed particularly irritating, one of us–I can’t remember which–flicked it off and turned on the stereo and we just sat and talked. With only a couple of days before final exams, we knew the material inside out. This went on through finals week, us just sitting together, listening to music and discussing exams, comparing notes, projects, etc.

After finals were over, we just kept seeing each other in the same way–it had become a comfortable habit. Occasionaly, we would go out to a movie, walking or to grab a bite to eat. It was on one of our walks in Fairmont Park, that we ended up kissing for the first time–well, my first time.

We never did have a lasting relationship beyond one beautiful summer, and the friendship that persists to this day.

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TheNerd…Mine first was when I was 21, too.

We were study partners for awhile (Yeah, that’s it. I REALLY needed help studying for history, and ONLY she could help me)…I finally got the spine to ask her out, and I picked New Years. Kinda stacking the deck, I guess. lol

We saw some movie, ate dinner, ect…and the date was going OK, but I was nervous as hell…finally we parked somewhere downtown to watch the fireworks (no, really) and I asked her if I could put my arm around her. She didn’t hear my nervous little voice, so she leaned closer, and we just kissed.

When we came up for air, it was 3:00 in the morning. This was my first time to go to second, too.

She was 19, and we were both virgins, until about a month and a half later. :wink:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

My first kiss was during a summer romance when I was in the 7th grade (between 6th and 7th). My family is from Connecticut, and we were there for the summer. My great-uncle rounded up a bunch of kids in his volkswagon campmobile and we went to the Riverside amusement park. Sharon Carson…she was the one.

BTW, I kissed my neighbor for the first time Sunday night. Right in front of my wife. Children of the '70s you know. That’s only the second woman I’ve kisses on the lips since I got married (excluding my wife of course).

My real first kiss happened when I was 14. This really hoody boy in my neighborhood who i had a crush on, asked me over to his house. I was totally surprised as he grabbed me and shoved his tongue down my throat in his living room. Scared out of my mind, I ran out of the house and hid in my closet for about an hour.

My first official kiss was after my first date. I closed my eyes to kiss him and MISSED. His whole head. We made up for it in the weeks after tho.

My first kiss was awful. . . I was 13 years old and didn’t even like the guy, but his best friend was dating my best friend, so we felt oblibated. I’ve never even talked to him after it.