First Look at the Fantastic Four

I have to admit, I wasn’t very happy when I first found out that Jessica Alba and Ioan Gruffudd were cast to play Sue and Reed Richards but they both look passable in these pictures, if still a bit too young. Chiklis as Thing and Evans as the Torch both look perfect though.

I’m cautiously optimistic about this now… let’s just hope it’s all flash and no substance like The Hulk was though.

:confused: Really? You liked The Hulk?

Personally I’m of the opinion that you could use Jessica Alba as anything from the Queen of England to a '69 Buick and it would be a perfect casting selection as long as she’s on screen a lot.

Chris Evans is hot.

That is all.

There was supposed to a be a not in there

“Let’s just hope it’s not all flash and no substance like The Hulk was.”

That’s odd. I thought Hulk arguably had the most substance of any of the new Marvel flicks, and the least flash.

I agree with smiling bandit. I thought The Hulk had a surprising amount of depth. My only real complaint with it was the ending, which was impossibly contrived, even by the standards of a superhero comic. They should have had Hulk smash his way into that military base, instead of Banner just waltzing in to talk with his dad. Besides, the pacing really needed one more big fight scene.

You mean you understood the ending? I agree, though – Hulk is tremendously underrated.

But having read the script review for FF at Aint It Cool News, I’m kinda wary about this whole movie…

I’ll admit, I think Chiklis is inspired casting. But that costume looks horrendous. Sorry, but Thing is much, much taller. And he’s ginormous! That just looks like a guy in an orange Slim Goodbody suit.

Only 'cuz he’s the Torch.

How are you getting a sense of scale? From all we can tell from that picture, he could be fifteen feet tall.

Depth? Depth? I only remember mutated poodles and a completely ridiculous power sucking monster-nolte.

The ending with the rebels raiding his hospital in the jungle was actually the only good and almost redeeming moment in the whole movie.

I can at least get a sense of body proportion from that photo. In that regard, he’s Thing Goodbody. Hopefully, they’ll attach motion capture balls to him, and beef him up in the CGI chamber.

Sure. Basically, the source of Banner’s bottomless anger is his hatred of his dad. When his dad becomes Absorbing Man, he tries to absorb his son’s hatred to make himself more powerful, but there’s literally no end to it: he tries to drain the Hulk but the anger just keeps coming, until it’s more than he can contain and he blows up like a neutron bomb. I thought it was a great ending, because it shows how strong Banner has always been, that he’s been able to keep this anger inside of him without cracking. Stronger than his father, even, who created that anger in the first place.

That’s an interesting take. I’ll need to watch it again with that in mind.

Actually, I’m inclined to think that his blowing up like a neutron bomb had more to do with the, you know, neutron bomb the military jet dropped on them at right around that point. I think that the biggest flaw was that it should have been two movies, to handle the two main plots (Hulk vs. the military and Hulk vs. Absorbing-freak Dad) and to make room for more exposition. As an example, at the beginning of the movie when Freak-Dad isn’t freaky yet and still working, he’s trying desperately to find a cure for little Bruce. Um, a cure for what? Until he also got dosed with the nano-thingies and zappified by the gamma rays, Bruce was apparently perfectly normal.

With that said, I don’t see any problems with the Thing’s proportions (he looks about like I’d expect a walking boulder to look), but then, I never read the comic books.

I was just about to post the same thing. Jessica Alba can do no wrong. Especially when she’s wearing a blue jumpsuit.

I…uh…have to go now…

He looks a lot more like Thing did in the original comics. Problem is that I liked the way his look evolved over the years.

They explained that as a progression in his mutation.


But then again, I probably won’t see it, so I really couldn’t post that at all.

If they wanted to show Ms. Alba’s titties off, why didn’t they just go with that godawful costume from the early 90s, the one with the hot pants and where the 4 was cut out and showed her sternum?