First moon landing

Was the first moon landing faked? If not why can you see through the astronaut when he is passing in front of the lunar module. How was the camera there before the astronauts? My uncle believes you can see through the astronaut because the camera would burn an image of the module in to the film and since the astronaut tis moving he is not. (Sort of why you never see people on streets of really old city pictures, because it took a much longer exposure than now days therefore moving people do not get exposed.

Are you going to talk about the angle of the shadows on the ground in the moon pictures too?


Another thought just occurred to me.

Maybe Mr. Gorsky is the only one who knows for sure.


I was always partial to… “why is there no crater from the landing rocket under the module?” question myself.

Also, why didn’t they bring back any of the green cheese?.. coulda helped solve world hunger, ya know.

As to how the camera got there. The camera was mounted on a retractable arm on the lunar module. At the time of the moon walks the arm deployed and we got the first view of the astronauts. Armstrong and company would later move the camera to a tripod to get the shots showing both the astronauts and the LEM. the camera could also be attatched to the lunar rover. It could also pan and zoom being conrolled from Earth.

Why limit the question to the first moon landing being fake? There are 37 more.
And with Lunar Retriever 1 in 2002 there will be a 38th fake landing.
Fake litter left behind include: 3 lunar rovers, 6 US flags, two golf balls hit by Alan Shepard, 6 loads of garbage, the ashes
of astronomer Eugene Shoemaker and 2 plaques with President Nixon’s signature.

Of course all that Lunar stuff is fake. Just ask yourself: How hard would Richard Nixon have had to press down on a pen to leave his signature on a metal plaque? Once you realize the logical inconsistency of this one claim, the whole moon-landing house of cards collapses.

Of course it was real. Here’s the dialogue from the landing:

You can’t fake stuff like this!

Yer pal,

The Apollo 13 landing was faked.

Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to relive it. Georges Santayana

The Moon landings were not faked. They were essential preparation for the transfer of all humanity onto the Great Space Ark which brought us here. It was difficult doing it with out letting all the stupid people know what we were doing, though, but I think it was worth it, unless they find out what really happened in '82.

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Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretty nasti…

DrF is quoting Steve Martin, y’all.

Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to relive it. Georges Santayana

I only steal from the best, Jabs.

If I mentioned the giant space goat, folks here would be able to place the reference.

I never heard about this. When/how did it happen?

<font size=4>The Moon Landings Were Real. Richard Nixon, However, Was Fake. He Was An Audio-Animatronic Robot, Manufactured By Disney’s Imagineers.

Or, He Was Just An Asshole.</font>


Yooohooooo… grab the shotgan maaa. Damn big government big business Disney bastards are at it again with those robots, Al Gore is another god damned Nixon clone.

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The moon landing was a fake? Next thing you know they’ll be saying there is no Santa… Inspector Clay’s Dead,Murdered. And Somebody’s Responsible!-Plan 9 From Outer Space


Back off, man. I’m a scientist.