First muder of 2016 in Montreal

I think it was on Thursday night, a taxi driver was shot for no apparent reason and died on Friday. First murder of the year in the city. Just had to share that.

Wow, compare with Chicago, where it’s 142 year to date. Chicago is bigger by about a million people, but we’re looking at 1 in 2.65 million murder rate so far for Montreal vs 1 in 19,148 for Chicago. Jesus Christ. The idea of going more than a couple days into the year without a year in a large city just boggles my mind (and we’re looking almost three months here.) Good job, Montreal.

Regina traditionally has been Canada’s murder capital per capita, but so far this year we’ve only had one homicide. Population: 193,000; 24th in Canada.

Huh. Toronto is up to 19 YTD. Good for Montreal.