First murder by firearm?

All of the recent discussion about people shooting other people made me wonder:

What is the first recorded instance of a person deliberately killing another person with a projectile fired by a powder charge?

Sources vary on this but the Battle of Crecy(1346) may be the first with Cannons and Firearms. This is highly disputed, but this is about the time Firearms came onto the battlefields of Europe. IIRC the Chinese used simple cannons and were probably the first to have committed murder by firearm so to speak.


Heh, first you have to define exactly what you mean by “firearm”. :smiley:

The Chinese used a device called a “fire lance” that first appeared in the 10th century AD. This would be the very earliest ancestor to the personal firearm (the first killing of a person with it probably followed shortly after its invention).

Interestingly, the first depiction of a handgun (of the fire-lance variety) shows it wielded by a demon threatening the Buddha:

So the first depicted victim of gun violence was … the Buddha.