First names used to represent groups

Inspired by this thread. Are there any other names used to represent groups?

These have always worked for me:

Ivan, Natasha - Russian
Hans, Hilda - German
Pierre, Marie - French
Jose, Pedro, Maria - Mexican
Poindexter - nerd, bookworm

I don’t know how wide-spread these are, but I’ve heard them a few times:

Janet - female Boomer
Jennifer - female Gen-Xer
Bob, Betty - generic WASP middle class

Dave: People who are “not here, man.”

Dick – no real explanation necessary

Sheilas are Australian chicks.
Lolitas are young pubescent trollops.

Jezebels are trollops and temptresses.

Buffy - daughter of a VERY upper class family.

Chad= frat boy, usually drunk and obnoxious (sorry to any Chads out there)

Muffy=was a sorority girl in the 90’s, now she’s a minivan-driving mom, taking the kids to ballet or karate lessons

Bubba= good ol’ boy

Jeeves=English butler
Bertha=big woman (potentially slovenly)(“Her name was Bertha… Bertha Butt. One of the Butt sisters.”)
Ole/Sven=dim wits from Minnesota
Cletus=dim wit from Appalachia