First NFL pre season football game August 3rd

NFL Preseason Schedule - 2014

Buffalo at NY Giants 8:00 PM NBC Hall of Fame Weekend Sunday August 3rd

Won’t be long now 7 weeks (49) days

Thursday August 7th

Indianapolis at NY Jets 7:00 PM
New England at Washington 7:30 PM
San Francisco at Baltimore 7:30 PM
Cincinnati at Kansas City 8:00 PM
Seattle at Denver 9:00 PM
Dallas at San Diego 10:00 PM

Friday August 8th

Miami at Atlanta 7:00 PM
Buffalo at Carolina 7:30 PM
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville 7:30 PM
Philadelphia at Chicago 8:00 PM
New Orleans at St. Louis 8:00 PM
Oakland at Minnesota 8:00 PM

Saturday August 9th

Cleveland at Detroit 7:30 PM
Pittsburgh at NY Giants 7:30 PM
Green Bay at Tennessee 8:00 PM
Houston at Arizona 8:30 PM

Hurry, Football! It’s taking forever this time!

I just saw an ad on CBS for Thursday night football coming up this season …

this is a good sign

Who watches that stuff? When do the real games (the ones that count in the standings) begin? Otherwise it’s baseball season.

And don’t get me started on the Pro Bowl!

Well, it is your first opportunity to see whether or not that hotshot rookie your team drafted looks like he might actually be worth a damn.

The regular season starts Thursday 9/4.

There’s at least one preseason game “of interest” - Broncos-49ers on 8/17; it’s the first game at San Francisco’s new stadium, which will be the site of Super Bowl 50.