First official broken bone

Hehehe, well, mine was a little different. I was running an obstacle course and fell from the overhead bars. Apparently stiff-arming the ground is not a great way to break your fall.

Yeah, this. I haven’t had the x-rays to prove it, but from the pattern of near black bruising I’ve almost certainly broken toes on my left foot on two different occasions in my 20s and 30s. And also my tailbone the night I graduated from high school.

The latter there is funny - I was in immense pain for weeks every time I stood or sat, but had also moved in with my great-grandmother who needed care for dementia the day after graduation so I was so stressed out over the unhappy move and helping to care for her that I didn’t stop to think that maybe I could’ve gotten pain killers if I saw someone about it. I actually never thought that it might have been broken until years later when I read the symptoms of a broken tailbone and learned that roller skating is one of the most common causes: during the chem free graduation party I ended up falling very hard on my butt when my feet went out from under me while roller skating.

My sternum was sawed apart for open-heart surgery. Does that count?

Haven’t broken any yet. Knock on wood!

I’ll be 68 next week, and so far, so good… (she says, as if to taunt Fate…)

I am 52. I ain’t broke diddly.

Another broken wrist in a PE class, likewise ignored at the time by the teacher. They kept me at school for the rest of the day, and I ended up in hospital that evening - I must have been 9 or 10 at the time.


Fell ice skating when I was 5 and change, broke my tailbone and 55 years later it still gives me issues. When I had my partial proctocolectomy [barbie butt surgery] it started giving me issues again no matter what position I laid, sat in or upright/walking. My surgeon pointed out they could go in and remove it, but insurance wouldn’t cover it because it was ‘just pain’ it didn’t really do anything except hurt. The insurance company would try to get me to go to physiotherapy - despite there is not actual exercise for the butt that would have any impact upon tailbone pain.

[Stage 3 colorectal cancer, beat it once, it came back so we opted to just cut the damned thing out, anus, rectum and ultimately the furthest end for 20 cm, and if you look at how you field dress a deer by cutting around the anus to free the bottom end of the intestines, and pull you can get the intestines out without spilling the contents. Well, my operation was pretty much the same, except they sewed be back together without a butthole. I joke with mrAru that we can go visit area 51 and I will be safe but they will have to anally probe him twice because I no longer have an anus to probe =) ]

10 years old: Tripped and fell on my hand and broke two fingers on my right hand. The Doctor who put the cast on wrapped the two fingers together, separate from the other two fingers - so I came out of it with the ability to give a GREAT Vulcan salute. “Live long and prosper.”

But I don’t really count that. What I DO count is that a little more than two years later I went “over the handlebars” from my bicycle and stuck my hands out to break the fall onto the sidewalk. Two broken forearms. That was a memorable experience, especially having the Doctor reset one of the arms. That was the very last time I rode a bicycle “no hands”.

Official means diagnosed by a doctor or in my case a chiropractor

Narrator: And she soon learned that fate doesn’t like being taunted.

Have had my nose broken 3 times, though that isn’t actually all bone. Most is cartilage. It still sucks shit through a straw. And it’s obvious that it’s happened. Broken schnozes rarely heal perfect.

Never broke anything else…yet.

When I was 10 I pitched a kickball to a friend who clobbered it with a baseball bat. The ball broke metacarpals in my left hand. For some reason I thought I’d get in trouble, so I hid my situation from my parents for 24 hours.

My forearm was casted with a plaster cast. Another neighborhood kid had a similar cast. Playing football each team could only have one cast-armed kid, since we used our casts to block!?

One time in my life. I was about 10 years old playing in the backyard. My uncle ran into me to catch the ball that was coming right to me. He said that I would have missed it so he had to catch it. Anyway, he broke my arm. I was in pain on the ground and he told me to get up and stop acting like a baby.
Afterward I frequently reminded him about him injuring me.

Yeah, and with the threat of freezing rain tonight and into tomorrow…

I was in something like 3d-4th grade. Was climbing the fence between my neighbor’s yard and ours, fell, and broke my wrist. I remember my mom being mad at me. Dinner was almost ready, and she said something along the lines of “Well, if it is broken, it will still be broken after dinner.” :smiley: My dad travelled a lot and mom didn’t drive, so after dinner we walked to the hospital about 1/2 mile away. As I recall, she was a tad abashed when it turned out to actually have been broken.

I’m a little surprised at the number of folk who have NOT broken any bones, but am also a tad abashed at how careless I was WRT incurring injuries. No big car accidents or anything. Just martial arts, sports, falls, and drunkenness. Several broken ankles/wrists, a couple of ribs… I don’t even count broken fingers and toes. When I was a careless youth I did not appreciate the long-term acquaintance I would be making with arthritis… :roll_eyes:

How about stitches and staples? :wink:

I’m 57, and as clumsy as I am, having fallen off things and wiped out on bicycles many times, I must have pretty strong bones because the first ‘official’ bone I ever broke was when I fractured the middle finger on my left hand the summer before last.

I was cutting an apple wood branch into chunks on a miter saw for BBQing when the blade must have hit a knot or something. The branch kicked back violently and smashed the end of my finger like a grape. It was split open and an x-ray revealed a fracture of the distal phalange. To this day it’s still a little numb.

I’m 44 now, and might not have ever had one. When I was about 8, I had a foot injury that the doctor thought might have been a hairline fracture, but we never knew for sure. Other than that, nothing.

Mine have been due to sports, falls, and accidents. Never drunkenness, though I have given it plenty of opportunity. My bicycle has broken the most bones, but I still own the damn things.

I thought my experience was sort of normal, but the number of posters who have never broken anything says otherwise.

I’m 54 and still operating under the original warranty, although I do have a hip replacement planned for February 1st.