First official broken bone

For my first broken finger/toe (can’t remember which) the doctor said there wasn’t much of a reason to do xrays, the treatment was the same. So who knows if it was really broken.


I don’t remember it occurring as my attacker had just finished beating me unconscious. After which said assailant kicked me in the ribs at least once, resulting in the fractured rib. Then left me in the school hallway. Not sure how long it took anyone to find me, fact is, the next three days are largely a blank.

I’m 59 and never.

Shattered the pinky on my left hand when I was 14. Dropped a cannonball on it.

I still have very limited use of it. It’s almost as wide as my thumb, and about half an inch shorter than my other pinky.

I was 44 when I had a spiral fracture of the metatarsal of the middle finger of my left hand. It required surgery with pins that stuck out of the cast.

The hand surgeon was so excited saying that this was “a classic spiral fracture” (whatever that means) and that he would use the films for his boards. This was the result of a mugging and I fought back. I have some loss of feeling in that finger as compared to the others.

I also had 3 front teeth broken. It was not a good day.

I’m 69 and I’ve never broken a bone.

7 or 8. Broken arm.

You know those old tricycles that had a platform on the back where you or your mate could stand - I had one of those. There was a street with a reasonable hill near by. If you rolled down the footpath standing on the back of the trike, there was tree near the bottom with a branch hanging over the footbath at just the right height to grab it as you rolled under it and do a Tarzan swing while the trike careered off into someone’s garden,
Anyway, I either missed the branch, or it slipped from my grip or something - it was a long time ago - but I did what must have been a specatular crash.

I also broke an index finger catching (or rather failing to catch) a football when I was 10 or 11 - that required plaster up to the elbow to hold it an exact position. Fell off another bike (2-wheeler this time) at about 16 and broke my wrist, and sometime in my teens crashed a skateboard and broke my shoulder.

I don’t know, and I’m not even sure if it qualifies as a broken bone. Several years ago I went to a podiatrist and she noted that I have heel spurs, and that I managed to break one (which impressed her) and it was long enough prior to that time that it was completely healed.

I think my first one was a big toe when I slipped on some wet grass at age 12. The first “official” one was at age 22 when I jumped off a balcony (it didn’t seem that high at the time) and broke a bone in my right foot; it never healed properly but the foot works most of the time. My right leg became paralyzed suddenly about 23 years later but I don’t know if that had anything to do with the original injury and the paralysis eventually wore off.

Jeez. That’s horrible. I’m so sorry that happened to you.

Regarding broken wrists not being recognized as broken by others, it may be a tiny bit understandable. When I broke my wrist, there was only a small bump on the top of my wrist. The ski patrol guy, who was an ER doctor, that splinted it temporarily for me said that the anatomy of the wrist doesn’t allow for the kind of big swelling you would expect from a broken bone. So there was never more than some slight swelling. But I knew instantly when it happened that it was broken. I’m not entirely sure how I knew – there was just something shocking about it, and I knew.

I can’t claim official unless you count that they had to drill into my jaw to remove impacted teeth. Unofficially, my nose at 19. I didn’t have it confirmed but I now sport a deviated septum that I don’t think I had as a child.

Four, maybe? Old enough to walk but young enough to be riding in a grocery cart child seat, which I was. I have no memory but word is my pain-in-the-ass brother got pissed off at something and shoved the cart, which rammed a water fountain.

Nobody noticed my broken leg until much later.

Five or six. My father kicked me down the stairs and I broke my left wrist. On the way to the ER he told me to tell them I fell or he’d break the right one.

I broke the bone in my left hand that goes to to my thumb when I was 16 in a waterskiing accident and then the wrist again playing football.

35 years old. My first high altitude hang gliding launch, 2000 feet above the landing zone. All went well until my base leg turn for landing, and I didn’t realize my airspeed was too slow. I lost altitude too fast and caught a wing tip on a tall bush and spun in, breaking the radius in my right arm. I didn’t realize it was fractured, it didn’t swell up. But I woke up that night in terrible pain. Went in the next morning and x-rays confirmed it was busted.

My first broken bone was when I was 10. My second was when I was 18.

Broke my arm twice by the age of 10 or so, in two different ways. Broke my ankle at 14. Probably my right middle finger in my teens (never x-rayed). Toe at about 45. Wrist at about 48. Pelvis (slightly) at about 50.

It seems like quite a lot now that I write it all out. I had an active childhood. I ride bikes, although actually only the wrist was a bike.

Age six - broken collar bone
Age nine(?) - broken sternum
Age thirteen - broken big toe
Age sixteen(?) broken shoulder blade

Unconfirmed at about age 40 - broken second toe

5 or 6. I was running & tripped over something in the living room; got a greenstick fracture of the tibia.
Don’t really remember much about it though I do recall the plaster cast which people loved to write on…

When I was born, both my femurs were broken.

Though that’s because I had a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

At around 38 I broke a metacarpal :bone: in my right hand sliding into second base during a softball game.*

*I was safe, by one definition anyway.