First peach of the year

I just had my first peach of the year. I love peaches. This was a nice flavorful, succulent, fragrant one that I ate standing at the sink because it was so juicy it was dripping all over the place. Yuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm. It was so good that I immediately had my second peach of the year.

I had a similar experience last week. I love summer.


Im currently in britten, and we are drowning atm!

One upshot though, i can now sail around in urban areas alot easyer!
adjust his helmet

Summer is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, whether or not you’re being rained on. In the US and Canada, it’s lovely for the most part.

I know, im just tired of being pale, and hearing everyone else got sun (and peaches!) >.<

So you don’t want to hear the weather forecast for this weekend? Low 80s, sunny, not much humidity … guess I’ll be out in the garden eating peaches, instead of inside by the kitchen sink. :cool:

My family is going through an entire basket of peaches a week from a local orchard. They’re small this year, because of the drought, but that just means you eat three at at time.

I am likely as pale as you, since I’m actually Canadian, of Viking (Icelandic) and UK stock. Glow-in-the-dark skin and ginger hair.

Still a couple of weeks for us. I had to buy a California peach a couple of weeks ago… Terrible!

C’mon Palisade Peaches.

I bought some peaches last weekend at the farmer’s market.

They didn’t last long.


We’re in early-to-mid-nectarine season at the moment. God, they’re good this year!

I’m expecting to see the first peaches at my local stand tomorrow. If not, I’m quite happy with the nectarines.

The best peaches I’ve ever had in my life were from Maryhill Fruit Stand in Washington. I was camping just down the road, and went for an afternoon jog that took me past the groves. The smell was, if you pardon the pun, heaven scent. I bought a dozen, and scarfed down 3 in rapid succession…ah, fruit of the gods!

I have a peach tree in my front yard and they were just about ripe. I went out to cut the grass this morning and there were no peaches, but about 40 pits on the ground.

Damn deer.

Or squirrels.

Or crowes.