First Prize for Best Snappy Answer goes to Rysdad!

Just wanna say that I thought Rysdad had one of the best snappy comebacks to a dumb question ever, in the mercifully short-lived “Turd Copulation” thread, and I was sorry to see such a stellar achievement be consigned quite so quickly to the GQ dustbin.

Gold star for Rysdad! Keep up the good work!


Gee, Dee, your’re slipping. When you gave me first prise for best use of a huge graphic ( back when we could use the img code ) I got a wad of cash and a date with Jennifer Lopez. Why not the same for Rysdad?

Eh, I guess it’s because the turd copulation thread didn’t involve gratuitous violence towards the board administration. Maybe if Manny had left it open long enough for a troll to come in and slap Jill around a little…

Oh, well, better luck next time. :smiley:

And I love the phrase “turd copulation thread”. Why is that?

Seems lame. What other comebacks have you got?