First Rush single now available!

Hey RushFans™!

The first single from the new Rush album, Vapor Trails, is now available at:

Rush Vapor Trails

Enjoy! Only 5 short weeks until the album is released. And the first leg of the tour will be available April 15, 2002! Here’s hoping the stop near you!

Maybe it’s my cruddy speakers but I have to say that I am not impressed.

I’m a big Rush fan and will still pick up the album the day it comes out but I hope that the first single is not indicative of the album as a whole. I don’t know what it is about the song exactly. It’s got all the things I love in a Rush song: great drums, Lifeson’s distinctive guitar, although Geddy’s bass playing and singing don’t entirely click with me on it. I don’t know, the whole song just sounds kind of cluttered to me.

Regardless I will definitely see them on tour.

Thanks for the link Johnathon. Id been wondering where theyre heading after Geddes solo album (which was stolen from my pals car and Im too broke to go and buy again…)

Im getting married this summer (thats why Im broke), and there will be several Rush tunes performed and played.


The song opens with a good lick of Neal Peart’s drumming!

(I’d have cranked it…but it’s 4AM)

…and finishes with a heavy bass-laden (Hey Alex!) jam.

Suddenly, I am fifteen again.:slight_smile:

Take off!

Rush is one of those bands that just won’t die. Won’t they please just go away?

I admit that they are talented musicians, but the vocals ruin every single song they have ever put to tape. Awful, awful voice.

Isn’t his name Alex Getty or something?


As with all Rush songs, it’s pretty cool until the singing starts. If there was ever a band that would be improved by getting a different singer, it’s Rush.


I for one am glad that Rush got over Neil’s tragedy and got back into the studio. No band reaches me the way Rush does.

I gotta admit, their style makes you either love them or hate them. Rush without Geddy? Wouldn’t be Rush, it was called Victor.