First Sandhill Crane

I just heard the first sandhill crane returning to Marquette county Wisconsin. That’s my first sign of spring will soon be here. This county has the largest population in the United States during the summer.

I live by major wildlife areas. The turkeys will soon be wandering down the roads in groups of 15 to 30.

It’s in thw marsh this morning, making the usual callings.

We’re going to the Great Sand Dunes this weekend to see the cranes! :slight_smile:

I say my first baby Sandhill just the other day at Tupperware Headquarters. They’re already starting to breed here.
So fuzzy and cute!

me tooooooooooooo
Saw them flying over our house the other day. (they hang out in the field across the street). The deer herd has come out, too.

Yes, we enjoy it too (tho’ my son complains they wake him up)

I found there to be two cranes, when I left the house this morning. Soon the Gray Heron might be back. It’s back the at the same place every year.