First Spike, now Ray (mild rant)

Remember Spike Lee’s lawsuit against TNN for their “Spike TV” network name? Well, kids, the bar for stupid name-based lawsuits just got lowered:

"Mr. Ray" sues Pixar, says hurt by "Finding Nemo"

Normally I’m annoyed and disgusted by Disney’s big-corporate approach to family entertainment, but I have to admit, this time I hope the Disney Legal Team steamrolls over Mr. Yodlowsky for filing such a frivolous, tangental lawsuit. Squish 'em!

Let me get this right…a brain dead troglodyte is suing Disney because they dared to name the character Mr. Ray? And the real Mr. Ray must be a real jackass, because the ‘kindly school teacher character’ would ‘obliterate and destroy’ his reputation. Excuse me while I laugh my ass off at this suit…HAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m sure that will be the judge’s reaction as well. He expects to win $10 million…please :rolleyes:

Who the hell is Mr. Ray?

That is exactly why Mr. Ray will lose the suit, in my opinion. I would say about 99 percent of the country has never even heard of the guy, (I sure haven’t), and yet he says the character will ruin his reputation. Like I said above, if a ‘kindly’ character will ruin his reputation, Mr. Ray (the suing troglodyte) must be a total jerk.

Sorry if the above doesn’t make much sense…been a long day.

Well, you can call him Ray, or you can call him Jay, or you can call him Ray Jay, or you can call him dumbass motherfucking loser desperately trying to cash in on a coincidence.

But ya doesn’t have to call him Johnson.

There was a “Mister Ray” in Baltimore decades ago, sold carpet or furniture or used cars or something, did all his own commercials in a particularly heinous bo-mer accent. John Waters tried to get him to do the opening narration for “Pink Flamingos” but Mister Ray wouldn’t do it. Which is why John Waters is heard doing a horrid Mister Ray impersonation calling himself “Mister Jay.”

If you’re from Baltimore, you can’t help but associate Mr. Ray with hair weaves.

You took the words right out of my mouth.



I was gonna say the same thing. Mr. Ray’s Hair Weaves.
One of you owes me a new keyboard. :stuck_out_tongue:

The thread title made me think, “Lawsuit against Romano cheese?”

I used to go fishing with a guy who was always called Mr. Ray by the kids around. Maybe he could cash in too.

It’s a shame about Mr. Ray.

Great. Now Evan Dando is going to file a suit.

Mr. Ray just got hisself some free publicity for songs such as “Kalien the Alien” and “Roy G Biv” along with being hopeful of a quick nuisance settlement.

Personally, I hope Disney and it’s legal team barbequeue’s Mr. Ray and his lawyer’s asses and sends them to the 5th level of legal hell.

Thou Shalt Not Take the Name of your Ray in Vain

Sigh, Ray used to be so nice and non-descript, quiet yet powerful, the way God meant it to be (think Raymond Burr - no one messed with him).

Then, it all started falling apart:
Ray’s Pizza (all 500 knock-offs)
It’s a Shame about Ray
Everyone loves Raymond
Rays of Sunshine

And now this Mr. Ray clown!

Damn you all, Damn you to Hell!! :mad: