First Test

Hey this is my first post

This looks kinda complicated

Any tips for a newbie?:confused:

When adressing another poster always put a :wally emoticon before their name.

Hi, Canadagirl. Bring any Canada geese along with you?


As for tips… well, you can spell, code, and seem to know the use of basic punctuation. That already sets you a few steps above the newbie crowd, not to mention some of the old farts. :wink: Don't be a jerk' covers the rest, pretty much. And what that don't get, have fun’ does.

Have a nice, long stay here at Carmel-Covered Crack … eh, the SDMB.

Canadagirl… welcome to the boards :slight_smile:

While I am here I guess I can test my new sig :smiley:

Hey, Derleth

Thanks for the tips. And no, the Canada geese are relaxing down South.:wink:

Most important: if you haven’t yet, read FAQ threads in this forum and every forum you post in.