First trailer has debuted for "The Dark Knight"

For those who haven’t made it out to see “I Am Legend” this weekend (or those who don’t plan to), I just thought I’d share that the first trailer for “The Dark Knight” is attached to it, and that bootlegs have already leaked online. Granted, the video quality of bootlegs is poor at best, and they’re getting knocked off of YouTube minutes after they get posted, but I’ve seen it on a few sites and I can safely say that any fears or doubts I might have had of Ledger’s Joker making the grade are lost and forgotten. Even with the bad quality, I can tell he’s nailed it. His maniacal laugh is great, and the few snippets of footage make it clear he’s a psychopath with nothing to lose. His rendition of the character could be the best thing to ever happen to the Batman franchise; he’s bringing a realistic grit to the darkness of Gotham. It appears I’m not alone in my opinion either; the initial response has been almost universally positive. I was excited for the film before, ever since I first saw it filming down on Lower Wacker along the Chicago River over the summer, but now I’m downright hyped … that never happens to me with movies anymore!

I can’t wait to see it in full quality this Sunday …

OK, where do I click to actually see the damn thing?

ETA: Oh, I think I see. This is an ad, for the trailer, not a website for the ad itself?

I don’t think I’d go so far as to call it an ad. There have been a variety of “viral” sites that Warner Bros. has put online. That’s one of them.

As far “where to click”, I already said that the sites posting it are getting taken down every few minutes. Some folks on Youtube are going so far as to reupload it with a misleading title and keywords to avoid detection. You can try here or here, but no guarantees as to how long they’ll be around …


::fans self::

I cannot wait for this movie. Thanks for the link.

That was pretty dang good, though not the bank robbery scene I was hoping for. Still stoked!

I thought Equipoise got to see it for free? (And for the price of standing in line for seveal hours and driving all the way there.)

Darth: my understanding is that certain IMAX theatres are airing some form of an abridged five-minute segment of the bank robbery scene, which is supposedly the first scene of the film. There appear to be a few people claiming to have seen it, and they say it’s positively brilliant. I’m actually considering going to see “I Am Legend” at my nearby IMAX just to check that clip out, although after seeing the corny zombies (or whatever they’re supposed to be) in the latest trailers for that flick, I’m not sure I want to. To hijack my own thread: when is this whole communicable zombie disease concept as a storytelling device going to fucking wear itself out? It’s beyond tiresome already … why does every goddamn zombie survival film have to attribute its plague to some bio-engineered zombie fever run amok?

So you’re faulting I Am Legend the 2007 film for following the plot of I Am Legend the book from over 50 years ago?

As for The Dark Knight, those videos are really low quality. Hopefully I’ll get out to I Am Legend this weekend so I can see it for real.

Wasn’t “I Am Legend” out as a book waaaaay before the zombie movies?

By the way, this trailer looks badass.

What I said was that I’m fed up with Hollywood regurgitating the bioengineered virus run amok concept as the only apparent means to an end for these sorts of films. The original story was a vampire (not zombie) tale cleverly turned on its head with a very macabre and clever twist in the end, so if the film doesn’t follow in its likeness, then faulting it on the regurgitated zombie plague idea will be the least of my concerns.

Is it Sunday yet? Shit. :frowning:

Oh, I get what you were saying, but I was under the impression that the book predated the zombie genre.

2 more days, fella. Hang tough.

Saw the trailer last night with I am Legend. My girlfriend would NOT believe me when I said the Joker was Heath Ledger. Haha. I had to look it up online and show her to prove it. I’m really looking forward to this!

Just a followup to let everyone know that the trailer has officially debuted this evening. Take a look. I’m quite impressed, and very much looking forward to this film.

It’s amazing to finally see some of the footage I watched being filmed downtown in June and July. I didn’t get to see the shot with the semi trailer flipping head over heels in front of the Board of Trade though, hehe. There’s even a shot of Batman leaping off a building right across from Trump Tower (still under construction at that point), as well as a shot of him standing atop the Sears Tower. Any Chicagoans notice the shots on LaSalle, Monroe, and Wacker? :smiley:

Katie Holmes’s replacement is quite the dish (I assume that’s who slugs the Joker). The trailer doesn’t have me all that excited about the film, though. (Still, even if the story sucks, the film will still look cool.)

That would be Maggie Gyllenhaal, who, judging from that punch, does not approve of Heath’s relationship with her brother Jake.

For those of us in Japan, this trailer was not included before the screening of I AM LEGEND. We got a SPEED RACER trailer instead. :frowning:

Neither did his horse, it seems.

Heh, oddly enough, I thought early on when the movie was being cast that Jake would have been a great choice for Joker. He looks like he could pull off the menacing, sinister smile of the character as seen in cartoons and comics. That Joker clearly isn’t the one Nolan has in mind, but that’s fine by me … I love this realistic, gritty, slimy interpretation of the character.