First week..

…toward my new body.
One week ago yesterday I started Optifast, a high protein fast. In this first week I lost 6 lbs. I feel good.

During the 13 week fast I’m monitored every week by a physician, a psychologist and dietitian. I was hungry the first few days, but that has passed. I have more energy and I feel happier.

Before I started I had a bunch of labs done. One was a vitamin D level. Normal is 40 to 100, mine was 14. I’ve had several unexplained symptoms for a few years, that can all be tracked to vitamin D deficiency. The doc started me on a temporary high dose of supplement and my symptoms have already started to diminish.

The doctor hopes to have me off anti-hypertensives by week three.

My blood sugar was somewhat elevated before I started. Now I’m monitoring it before and after each “meal” and so far it has been normal.

Average weight loss during th fast is 50-60 lbs. My goal is much more than that, but the program goes on for several months after the fasting phase is over.

Wish me luck.

I wish you luck, and more than that, I cheer you on! Anytime someone takes steps toward a healthier lifestyle, that person is to be applauded IMO. So, yay you!

Best of luck, and please keep us updated!

Are you on an exercise regime as well?

I am not allowed to increase my activity for the first two or three week on the fast. Once approved, I’ll start walking.

Woohoo! Good luck, I hope it works for you.

Not to be a wetblanket, but I thought this program was trashed way back when Oprah tried it. She lost a ton of weight but gained it back the second she put a bite of real food in her mouth. I don’t have a calculator near me, but one pound of fat is 3.500 calories. It’s not possible to lose six pounds of fat in a week, so the bulk is fluid.

If you’re starting a post with, “Not to be a wet blanket…” just don’t, then. Move along…there’s nothing for you to see here. Or just say what you’re going to say in a more neutral way.

Thank you Hazle.

FYI, Rascal’s Mom, I did this same program 20 years ago, lost 80 lbs and kept it off for 12 years. Then I had a crisis in my life, (My son committed suicide) and gained with a vengeance.

The program is very much alive and well. When it’s followed properly (which Oprah did not) it’s quite safe and effective.

I did not mean to imply that all the weight I lost in that first week was all fat. However, at 800 calories per day (5600 per week) one does have rapid real fat loss.

So sorry to hear about your son. I can’t imagine how awful that must have been for your family.

All the best to you on your new weight loss journey. If you did it once, you can definitely do it again.

Good for you for the weight loss, and sustaining it. And good luck and best wishes for your efforts now.

And I am VERY sorry about your son. I cannot even imagine…

I didn’t understand anything about Oprah not following it properly. My (now ex) mil was on it, and she also put the weight back on, which is what prompted my earlier comment.

Again, best of luck.

Right back at ya.

In the fight against ignorance, I’ll say that in the early days of Optifast many people stopped after the fast. The transition and maintainance programs weren’t required, as they are today. I was successful because I followed through.

The fast is for 3 months, although, it can be extended for those of us who have a great deal to lose. (I will probably go longer, as I have over 100 lbs to lose.) Then, transition or, as it used to be called, re-feeding, is 4 weeks. Maintainance continues for 6 months. So, I expect to be in the program for about a year.

Nothing worth having comes easy. I’m committed to the long haul.

Thanks for all the encouragement. I may need more as time goes on. :slight_smile:

I’m having a bad day. I want to eat. I won’t, don’t worry.

I had to turn the TV off. Did you know, everybody eats on TV?

Even though I’m not supposed to increase activity yet, I’m going for a walk. I’ll keep it short and slow.

Do you have any hobbies that require you to use your hands, such as cross stitching or knitting? That always works for me until I get past it.

I can’t imagine anything wrong with a short stroll, though I have proven my ignorance about Optifast!

Continued good luck.

I used to knit. The throw I started ten years ago mocks me whenever I run across it.:rolleyes: Maybe I should dig it out.

Well . . . I want to learn to knit. So how about you pull out your knitting and I’ll go get a book on knitting and we can (attempt to) knit something.

I’m happy for you! Best wishes! 6 pounds is amazing!

I started Weight Watchers online recently and it’s odd - I really like watching the Food Network - it makes me feel better somehow. You might do well watching shows dedicated to food instead of those including food incidentally.

Let us know how you’re doing.

The problem is I don’t eat food. I drink a high protein product at prescribed times. It’s more like taking medicine than eating.
What I’m missing today is the smell, taste and texture of different foods. I know this will pass as I get further along. I have to treat this like AA members treat their addiction…One day at a time. Today has been hard, but I’ll get through it. Tomorrow will be different and I hope, easier.

Contrary, I’ll have to dig a bit to find it, but, I’ll look this afternoon.

Today is better, actually, after a nap yesterday I felt much better.

I went out to visit a friend I hadn’t seen or talked to for some while. That helped, mainly, because he’s gay, vain, 40 and has gained 40 lbs. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be happy about my friend’s suffering, but I am, a little. He has just started Weight Watchers, so we’re going to help each oter along the way. He lives too far away to exercise with, but we’ll do phone checks every few days.

Hubby wants to take me out to do something fun today. We aren’t sure what, maybe a movie, since it’s raining. If it clears up, I’ll suggest a drive into the foot hills to see the fall leaves. Just as long as it doesn’t involve food, I’ll be ok.

You’ve seen nutrition experts so I’m sure you know what you’re doing, but I always thought that fasting slowed down the metabolism and just made the weight come back even faster when the program ends :confused: