“Firsts” in this election

We may be about to elect the first female President – not to mention the first former First Lady. Or . . . the first Jewish President. Or the first Hispanic President. Or the first billionaire President.

Any others?

I don’t think Trump is a billionaire. I think FDR and maybe Washington would be billionaires in today’s money.

Rubio, if elected, would be the first president from Florida.

Trump is listed as having residences in Florida and New York. Depending upon which state he lists as his residence then he could be a first from Florida as well.

Sanders, if elected, would be the first president from Vermont.

Ben Carson is still in the race, and has earned delegates, and would be the first President with a medical degree, and neither of us believes that’s going to happen.

Along the same theme…

Rubio, if elected, would be the first president born in Florida.

Cruz, if elected, would be the first president born in Canada - notwithstanding rumors about Chester Arthur.

The birthplaces of Clinton, (Chicago, Il), Trump (Queens, NY), and Sanders (Brooklyn, NY) would not be so distinctive.

Clinton will be the first President born in Chicago.

Carson, if elected, would be the first Seventh Day Adventist elected as president.

First supermodel first lady.

He would also be the first president descended from American slaves.*

*At least as far as we are sure of. There have been lot’s of rumors and conspiracy theories that previous presidents were partially black. And those whites with white colonial American ancestry probably have a few American Indians and Africans in there somewhere, given the numbers of generations, and thus numbers of ancestors involved.

You have no proof otherwise, most sources put it lower than his claims but still at over 1 billion. FOR and Washington are irrelevant and what are your sources? Not to mention today’s money is beside he point, they were not billionaires at time of living.:smack:

Amazing how on every thread there will be sarcastic or irrelevant comments. Not picking on you by the way. :):smiley:

If Trump becomes president then it will be the first time where three presidents have been born in the same year. Clinton and Bush were also born in 1946. So far there have only been no Korea than two presidents born the same year.

Donald would also be 70, more than six months older than Reagan. Sanders would be five years older than Reagan if eleted. Hillary Clinton would be just one year younger at 69. Ronald Reagan’ record of being oldest is looking tenuous.

If Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio are elected, they will be he first born in the 1970’s, Paul Ryan was the first 70’s born person on a major party ticket hough he was VP. Cruz and Rubio are first ones to run for president.

John Kasich would be the best hope to have the first president born in the 1950’s.

I’ll admit Bill has charisma, but “supermodel”?

Sorry for the typo, I meant no TWO presidents, how the hell did Korea get there, damn typo!!!:smack::smack::smack:

AFAICT, Donald Trump would be the first President to never have held a public-sector job; everyone else so far had of course been elected to some other office first, and/or served in the military, and/or worked as a Cabinet secretary.


First “First Laddie”

Obama is descended from slaves . . . on his MOTHER’s side!

Clinton (and possibly Trump) would be the first President who admittedly colors her hair.

“Chester Alan Arthur was born October 5, 1829, in Fairfield, Vermont.[a][7] Arthur’s mother, Malvina Stone, was born in Vermont, the daughter of George Washington Stone and Judith Stevens.”[sup]cite[/sup]

I think Rubio might be the first candidate for president whose head shakes so much when he speaks that the hair on the very tip-top of his head wiggles. Every. Single. Time.

I think Cruz may be the first for president with hair which birds won’t shit on out of professional courtesy.

I think Trump may be the first candidate for president whose hair is guaranteed to be inflammable up to 1500 degrees.

Rubio would be the youngest-looking President ever.