Fish and Bird eyes

Ok, what is the white in our eyes all about; fish and birds don’t have this. How does this affect their vision and on a side question- Is there anything that connects fish and birds in relationship other than the mammals that swim.

It’s not just fish and birds, it’s most animals. Humans are rather unusual in having “whites” to their eyes, that is, a visible white sclera. Most mammals, including apes, do not - only the pupil and iris is exposed.

One possible function is in emotional signaling - the prominent white around the iris and pupil makes it easier to tell where someone is looking, and hence their emotional reactions.

I am not aware of any effect the white of the eye has on visual acuity.

I’m afraid I have no idea what this means.

the second Q, is asking if birds and fish through heritage,genes,evolution etc… have an kinship to each other.

Yes, but then all living organisms do.

Yeah, but at least birds and fish are both Vertebrates… and members of the gnathostomata.

In fact, if you’re a hard-core cladist, birds would be members of the Osteichthyes… :wink: