Fish tacos

I always make battered-and-fried fish tacos. I think tomorrow I’ll try making them with grilled fish. I thought I’d bought mahi mahi today, but I only got tilapia. So they’ll have to be tilapia. Oh, well. Anyway, here’s the plan:

I have a jar of Cajun rub that I made for Cajun salmon. ‘Grilling’ in this case, means ‘flat-iron’ grilling; not grate-and-coals grilling. I’ll season the fish with the Cajun rub and cook it in a little olive oil in a cast-iron frying pan. I don’t have any crema fresca, but I do have some mango-pineapple salsa. Warm corn tortillas, fruity salsa, Cajun fish, cabbage, a squirt of lime. Maybe some avocado.

I prefer grilled fish tacos. I love Wahoos!

I used to go to Rubio’s. When the office moved, I went to Wahoo’s.

Up here, we only have Taco del Mar. I’d rather make them myself.

There’s a sushi food cart three blocks from me that has red snapper tempura fish tacos. They’re freaking awesome. I usually make them with flash-fried halibut, seasoned with chili spices.

Mmm, I love fish tacos. My favorite way to prepare a tilapia taco is to season some flour with salt, cumin, paprika, garlic powder, and pepper, and pan-fry the fish. Top with a corn and red cabbage slaw and mango-blackbean salsa, and I’m in heaven.

I’ve been eating at the original Rubio’s for years. But nothing beats the tacos from the carts in Ensenada. Fond memories of handing the guy a $20 and telling him to keep the fish tacos and beers coming until that was used up. We could usually stuff three people for that amount, and the fish was fresh off the boat.

I’ve got my own crema fresca recipe that is a snap to make: just mix equal parts mayo and sour cream, and spice with adobo sauce to taste.

Until very recently I thought a fish taco was a dirty joke. Some of these recipes sound pretty good. Not as good as I imagined, but more filling. :wink:

Korean chicken tacos tonight!

There’s a Houston chain called Berryhill’s that has pretty good fish tacos–fried or grilled.

During the season, they added fried oyster tacos to the menu…

The tacos turned out well. Roomie liked the fish, which she said was ‘spicy, but not too spicy’.

EDIT: We have Snickers ice cream bars for dessert.


Sounds good to me. We have a restaurant nearby that serves fish tacos either grilled or fried. Cheddar’s- I don’t know how widely distributed they are. I usually order them fried, but one time they messed up and brought me grilled. Still good, so I didn’t complain! Hey dropzone my boyfriend thought fish tacos were a joke too…

Holy crap that sounds good.

I’m definitely a fan of the battered fish tacos vs the grilled ones. The contrast of textures and the juiciness of the deep-fried fish is what makes this great. My favorite fish tacos in this area are from a Yucatecan joint in Brookfield (Xni-Pec.) They have an interesting twist on it, in that they put a little smear of black beans on the bottom of the taco, and top it with the battered, fried fish, and shredded red cabbage with a chipotle-spiked mayo. Sooo good.

I do prefer the fried fish over the grilled fish. Cabbage, lime, crema fresca. But the grilled Cajun-spiced ones, with cabbage, lime, mango & papaya (not pineapple), and avocado were good too.