Fish Tank Question

Here’s the problem…No matter what I do I cant get my tank’s pH down to between 7 and 7.5. Right now it is at 8.50. I’m using a digital pH meter that i have calibrated several times so it should be pretty accurate. So far I have : cleaned all my plants (plastic), changed 1/3 of the water (adding tap water with a pH around 7.50 or so), put in a new filter, mixed around the gravel to allow food and waste to filter out, used pH Down several times, and I’ve added AmQuel (ammonia, chlorine, and chloramine remover) and NovAqua (conditioner and fish protector which also removes toxic metals). The tank is a 5 gallon tank with a power filter. In the tank: 4 danios, 1 plecosamus (sp), 4 tetras, and 1 chinese algae eater. Temperature is always kept between 78-80. Anyone have any other suggestions or advice on how to get my pH down??? If you have any other questions about my tank feel free to email []Here. Thanks in advance!

Well, you have too many fish for your tank (probably) - really you should only have about 5 inches of fish (tail included) for a 5 gallon - it sounds like you have more like 8 - 10.

However, that aside - why are you asking the question?

Have you checked your nitrate level?

Are your fish sick/dying/dead?

Do tell.

Maybe this will help…

:o I don’t know anything about fish, however, these people do:

Good message board there.

Do you have anything in the tank which could be leaching calcium or other minerals into the water? (seashells, or marble or limestone rock?)

Have you checked your ammonia and nitrate levels?

I’ll second the comment that that’s way too many fish for that size tank.

What are you using for gravel? What did you clean the tank with?

Also, do you vacuum the gravel or just stir it around?