Fish Trucks

Why is it that you always see delivery trucks labeled “Fish”
but never see trucks labeled ‘beef’, ‘pork’ or ‘chicken’. What s so damn special about fish deliveries?

I see trucks labeled “Meats” all the time. That would be the equivalent of seeing trucks labeled “Fish”.

If you are looking for trucks labeled “Chicken”, then you probably should be looking for trucks labeled “Trout”.

In this area, I see “Magglio’s Meats”, “Leone’s Meats”, “Boarshead’s Meats”, as well as trucks just named, “Primos Meats and Cheeses”, or “Tony’s Sausages”.

A previous thread which links to an even earlier thread, which may have your answer.

It’s so that while they are loading, fiddlers stepping to the road know where to write “everything’s been returned that was owed” while one’s conscience explodes.