Fishing in Texas

After having been reading both the Straight Dope and the SDMB for many months now, I figure I should finally post something.

My other half, my friend October, my mother, and I went down for a weekend at the beach in Port Aransas, Texas. We had the dubious honor of attending a fishing tournament: the Texas Women Anglers Tournament. Yeah, you read that right. In case you don’t quite understand, go to their website.


Welcome! :slight_smile:

Maybe now I’ll actually be somewhat active on the boards. :wink:

Of course, I thought of a more appropriate title AFTER posting.

And so I’m curious. Does anyone else know of any ridiculous or bizarre acronyms for organizations, or what-have-you? I used to be in EMS, and we had plenty there.

Wasn’t there an underground gay scene in Texas newsletter/paper called This Week In Texas?

I remember the odd font their bumper stickers used. My GF thought it was sort of Jewish symbol.

Here it is. Was, rather. I see they changed to the acronym TWT instead of the old 4 letter version. :slight_smile: