Fitbit users, a personal questin

I’m a little curious about Fitbits. I have a couple of friends with them and they seem to record not only every step you take, but also your physical activity. So this led me to thinking, ALL physical activity?

Those of you that have a Fitbit, have you ever worn it to bed? Have you ever worn it while having sex? And if so, how many steps did you take?:wink:

At one point, you could Google Fitbit users’ sex data.

My oh my, do we have a bunch of shy people on this board, or are just not the least bit adventurous or inquisitive?

Somebody has to have worn their Fitbit to bed or when playing around. If not, then can someone take the bull by the horns and give it a try tonight. Please!

I wore one for about 6 months. I don’t recall how sex impacted the data. I suggest taking it off before masturbating though.

I’m not really sure what they’re talking about. Fitbit doesn’t automatically detect and record different types of activities (at least not the basic model I used to have, before switching to a Garmin). Were people manually adding “sex” as an activity on the Fitbit app?

I wore my Fitbit Flex 24/7 when I had it (except when charging), and I don’t recall ever noticing sexual activity in the data. It was probably recorded, but not conspicuous in any way.

Yes, the sexual activity was self-reported. The Forbes article linked to one from Cnet that offered examples of how specifically people were recording their activity.

How you doin’? :wink:

Im *doing* just fine. But I dont have a Fitbit to satisfy my curiosity.:smiley:

The type of activity you’re curious about doesn’t really stimulate the Fitbit’s processors. I wear mine to bed all the time as I use it to track sleep cycles and any activity simply shows up as the restless category.

I suppose if I was swinging from chandeliers and running around the bed it might be more obvious but it’s not the type of activity the Fitbit is designed to track.

For instance, many gym activities such as weight lifting or rowing or stationary bike don’t show up on the Fitbit at all. You can enter them manually on the app however to get credit for them.

We’ll meet up some place secluded, I’ll whip it out, & let you fondle my…Fitbit? :cool:

I can honestly say I’ve never been that desperate for a blow job.
[sub]Now, if you had said “Take the sheep by the haunches…” there is one particularly notorious SDMB member who might be willing to help out.[/sub]

For my Fitbit, you press a button when you are ready to commence exercise, then press it again when you are done. It gives a different read out during that time (time elapsed, heart rate, calories burned, etc.) so you can see how hard you worked during exercise.

I suppose one could press it before and after sexy time, if you’re curious.