Five-year-old Disney Channel star gets death threats

Mia Talerico, the five-year-old star of the Disney Channel show Good Luck Charlie, is getting death threats. Apparently because the producers of the show included a lesbian couple on the show.

The link -,,20784127,00.html - doesn’t indicate what the threats were, but this does -

Ahh… it’s so nice to have people like this willing to defend good old fashioned family values.

And the death threateners are getting media coverage, just like they wanted. Don’t feed the troll ok?

Have you ever watched that show? That little girl has been asking for it since Season 2.
I keep expecting Leigh-Allyn Baker to just go bitchcakes one day and handle it herself.

Or perhaps the show’s publicists decided some faux outrage was what the doctor ordered.

I thought Disney had assassination squads for just this sort of thing.

Call in a Dumbo-drone strike.

Disney doesn’t kill people. It sews their lips shut and puts them in giant Goofy costumes.

You’re joking, right?

“Mommy, what are ‘death threats’?”

“Don’t worry, honey. The nice people at Disney are just playing make-believe that someone wants you to go heaven to be with your goldfish, so lots of people will watch your show. You like being on TV, don’t you?”

I seem to be missing the part in that link saying this has anything to do with the lesbian couple appearing on the show. I do see a link in the middle of the second article referencing the appearance of a lesbian couple but nothing linking it to the death threats.

I disagree. Sometimes the worst thing you can do to a person is give them public exposure. Let society take a good look at them and be repulsed by them.

That only works if you already know who they are. No actual person has been exposed yet. So they have all the thrill of trolling without the downside of being outed.

The good news is. if they kill her, they will freeze her head and put it right next to Walt for eventual reanimation, and then they’ll make a cartoon of it all called Snowy White Head.

I also think this stuff is important to report on. Make it so whenever people think about those who are anti-gay, they think about these people, the Phelps, etc. Make them think about the people who say others deserve to die in hurricanes, there’s no problem with gay hate crimes, that it’s better for men to rape young girls than it is to have sex with a consenting man, that it’s better for dozens children to go unadopted than a single gay family be allowed to adopt a child.

Let their opinions and their actions be broadcasted loud and clear, so everyone knows where the anti-gay people stand, and what kind of people they really are.

As KoT notes, this may not actually be a gay thing at all.

But wherever this person is, do you think they’re hearing other people saying stuff like “Thank God somebody out there has the courage to stand up for moral values”? No, what they’re hearing is people saying “What kind of crazy sicko threatens to kill a child over a TV show?” Somewhere out there, this person is learning that society doesn’t agree with them.

You can’t let something like evidence of causation get in the way of a good demonization.

shrug It probably is, and it’s not like any harm is being done since the perpetrator remains anonymous.

Anti-nonnyism is the last acceptable form of prejudice.