Fix-a-flat prophylaxis

I became a believer in fix-a-flat several years ago. I think that might actually be a brand name, but I mean to refer generically to an aerosol can that refills your flat tire with sufficient air pressure to drive and once you start driving its goop finds the leak and seals it. Beats a jack and a spare anyday.

One of the fellows I work with told me that his hunting group has a truck they use (you’ve seen 'em - old Bronco or the like with cammo paint and a couple of seats mounted high on some angle iron frame, likely no longer street legal) for the lease.

He said SOP when they put a new tire on the truck is to use a can of fix-a-flat on it as a prophylactic measure as these tires are almost always off-road. When they finally do get a flat where they have to remove the tire from the wheel, they commonly find a handful of briars and small, sharp what-have-yous inside the tire.

The implication is that the original fix-a-flat treatment works to seal punctures for quite some time after the initial application. Is that for real? I had no idea the stuff could work that way, and, on first pass, I’d think the manufacturers might make that point, but they don’t.

So, the Camo Guy is saying that the can of FixAFlat works to seal up tiny punctures as they happen, and then it takes a really huge puncture, like a nail, to cause a flat? Cool, if true. I’ve never heard that, but then, I’m the one who just recently found out that cars don’t have carburetors any more, so don’t go by me. :smiley:

BTW, “Fix-A-Flat” is indeed a registered trademark.

But it’s like with “Jello” and “Kleenex”–everybody knows what you mean.

Yes, it’s for real. The stuff stays in a liquid state inside the tire for at least a year (finally got the tire fixed then).

I would imagine the manufacturer doesn’t advertise that use because the goop can cause balance problems with the tire and could be dangerous at speed, opening them up to lawsuits. Makes sense in your low speed/off road application though.

Slime is marketed for use as a prophylactic. I wouldn’t take my bike out without the stuff.