Fix my spacebar

By a strange coincidence, I injured my thumb, and my typing suffered for it, or so I thought. I assumed that the resultant lack of my ability to hit the spacebar properly was what was causing my lack of spaces except when being very deliberate about it. Unfortunately after my thumb healed the problem remained. My spacebar only works when I hit it square in the middle. But I type so fast that getting my thumb to hit only dead center on the spacebar is difficult. I’d rather just fix the spacebar. I assume that shortly before the time I injured my thumb I must have dislodged the spacebar to clean my keyboard and not put it back properly. I’ve tried taking it off and putting it back to no avail. It doesn’t look like anything’s actually broken, so I assume I put it back wrong, since the mechanic involve some kind of metal bar rather than the simpler smaller keys. Can anyone help? I’dreally liketo type atnormal speedswithout theinabilityto use the spacebar. If it helps I have an extended keyboard made by Macally.

If you’re talking about a stand-alone keyboard, I’d just get another one.

On the assumption the attempt at cleaning the keyboard was unsuccessful, I would try running it through the dishwasher. Some people say not to use detergent but I have no opinion on that.

You know, I’ve had a shower and I’ve been awake long enough that I shouldn’t have read the title as ‘Fix my spacecar’.

I don’t have the solution for you, but I have done that before when cleaning my keyboard. That little metal bar has been put back incorrectly, which prevents the space bar moving if the pressure is offset. I guess the whole point of it is to equalise the force of the press.

I have previously just fiddled (removed and replaced) with the spacebar until it works, without actually noting the correct place to put it.

That’s exactly what the metal bar is in there for.

To the OP: If you gently pry off the space bar, you will see the metal bar in question. Generally it will be attached to the underside of the space bar at 2 pivot points. If you look at the empty area on your keyboard where the space bar was, you will see 2 small recesses or clips that receive the ends of this bar. They will be opposite the hinge points on the space bar, so if the metal piece attaches to the space bar on the top side of the key, the clips will be at the bottom side of the area where the key goes.

To reattach them I generally swing the metal bar downward from the key as far as it will go. Then, line up the ends with the two clips/recesses on the keyboard side. Then, while keeping the ends lined up with the slots, work the key mechanism into place.

If the clips that receive this bar are missing, then you’ll need to replace the keyboard if you want it to work properly again.