Fixing a Marred Screw Head?

Are there any tips/tricks to fix a marred screw head so the screwdriver can grab it? Awhile back, I recall there being a powder, akin to a graphite lubricant, used to fill a marred screw head to help the screwdriver grip. I also recall it wasn’t the perfect solution. Surely, there must be something to interface between the two to grip?

Any suggestions?

In my long experience, once a screw is “marred” ( not a term I’m familiar with ) it must be destroyed to get it out.
I either drill it out, or use a diamond point chisel to rotate it till it can be gripped with mole grips.

Companies make special bits intended to help remove a stripped screw head. I’ve found that those tend to be the easiest way to remove a stripped screw.

If there is enough “meat” left, you can use a Dremel with a cut-off wheel to make a new slot.

If it is already out at least a quarter inch and there is clearance, I have tightened down the chuck of a cordless drill onto some and then backed them right on out.

This. I do this so often I keep a diamond cut off wheel in my cordless drill accessory bag. I need to put the dremel cutoff wheels in there because they work so much better.

And the most important: never use a screw twice, and replace your scewbit in time.

EZ-outs, or cutting slots into the head with a Dremel, but I think of these as the option of last resort. Have done both to great effect though.

I read this as ‘Fixing a Married Screw Head’, and now I’m slightly disappointed.

Ain’t nobody knows how to fix that, brah.

Depends on the screw and what it’s sunk in. A quality screw with a torx head can be reused 5 or 10 times. I’ll buy the Power Pro Outdoor Wood Screws from Ace and routinely take them in an out. They’ll hold down a temporary straight edge, work as gluing clamps, and are good for making jigs.

A square drive head can hold up better than a phillips head or slot head, but not always.

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I read it that way too.

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As others have said upstream, just drill 'em out. IME, one advantage to this method is I’m less likely to mar the surrounding surface when the bit slips out of the marred screw head.

As always on the SDMB, YMMV

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If the head is proud of the surface of the material, you may be able to lock the jaws of a vise-grip on it and slowly back it out.