Fixing small gaps in weatherstripping. Help.

Over the summer I noticed several small gaps in the weatherstripping at a skylight and at the front door. Now that the furnace is on, I would like to fill them. Is there a product or technique that will do this?

Could you post pictures of each? Each type of weatherstripping may have a different way of repairing it.

There are dozens of products specifically marketed as “weatherstrippimg”; then there are the dozens of others which are sometimes classified as “weatherstripping”
In other word, another request for pics…
In the meantime, caulk and spackle are the all-time champs in filling cracks/holes.

Caulk: almost all are rated for exterior use; check “paintability” if concerned.

Spackle: CHECK for exterior use - some are, some aren’t.

Both products sre for shallow (1/2" ABSOLUTE max) application.

Then there are the roof patches - several paragraphs to discuss those.