Flag desecration in Wisconsin - intentional or not?

A liquor store owner in Milwaukee used the American flag as a drop cloth when he was repainting his store. Apparently, the liquor store owner is an immigrant from the Middle East. Apparently, this has caused quite an uproar in the area.

IMHO, it was probably just someone unaware of flag customs in the US. In the States, the flag is venerated more so than in other countries; some consider it sacred. The fact that the person using the flag as a dropcloth is an Arab shopkeeper makes the perception of desecration worse.

Any more word from the Milwaukee area about what’s going on? What do you think?

Unless I had some background info, I would find it impossible to make a judgement as to his intentions.

Who cares what his intentions were? It’s his right to use his property however he feels like…hell, he can piss on it if he wants to.

Is this a ‘news story’ or is that message board the only place we can find info? This is definitely not local news here in Milwaukee - none of the dittoheads around here are up in arms over it (or at least weren’t until I asked them about it). I know a picture says a thousand words, but there are multiple interpretations to what can be happeneing there.

Thank you Diogenes for the early word of sanity in what has potential to become a maelstrom of rediculousness id word of this spreads. Really, people, these laws “protecting” the flag are a little rediculous. It’s a symbol and nothing more. Who cares if it gets burned, or used as a drop cloth, or shredded and fed to wild boars. It matters not and really affects no one in any way.




I’m just going to chime in and say that I agree with DtC, completely.

Damn, now I have to find a new poster to be the antithesis to.

<that’s a joke>

Now, just to point out, I’m vaugely saddened by this, but I am not disappointed and not at all angered. Because this man never used the flag to make a political statement. Saddened only in the “My goodness, people aren’t using their silverware right anymore” way.

To point earlier, Bush had previously made statements about the sanctity of the flag, and thus provoked deserved ire for screwing with it. This man is innocent of that.

Yeah, and it’s my right to get upset if I want to. Or boycott his store over it, if I want to.

Not that I would, I don’t care that much.

But I get from the OP that elmwood expects some sort of government action to be forthcoming. Or will be disappointed if it isn’t.

But I could be wrong.

From the pic they show, it seems obvious that he’s just unaware of flag etiquette and that he had just replaced that specific flag with a newer, larger one.

You can show disrespect towards a flag, but I refuse to accept that you can desecrate one. The flag of a secular country isn’t a sacred religious icon.

Digenes it may be a matter of importance if it is done under certain circumstances. Incitement is not protected by law. While I agree with your sentiment that it is his property and generally he may do with it what he wants, however, this rule becomes less transient in situations done to incite a crowd or individual to commit lawless action. This is why intentions are important from time to time.

However, in this context I agree with you generally the imminence of lawless action is minimal and therefore, his intentions probably do not matter.

Yup. :slight_smile:

I just think the guy was ignorant of our obsession with the flag in the US. Whjile it shouldn’t be used as a dropcloth, his actions aren’t meant to be malicious.

Actually, flag desecration done as political or “inciteful” statement has been ruled as legal free speech by the Supreme Court. Even if he had been doing it to show public contempt for the flag it would have still been perfectly legal.

Exactly. And we’re all perfectly 100% right to go piss on some Korans, so long as we’ve bought them.

We would be within our legal rights, yes. I’m not making a moral judgement on flag desecration, that’s pretty subjective. I’m just talking about legality.

Yep. No real difference between woven nylon and pulped spruce.