Flakes the size of Austin

Mods, I am NOT asking for Medical Advice in this thread!!!

For years I’ve been doing the battle of the head flakes–dandruff that simply will not go away, regardless of what commercial product I employ. You name the shampoo, I’ve tried it, but it doesn’t even temporarily relieve the flakes.

So, at this point, I’m open for any weird-assed home remedy your great grandmother on your father’s side used to use in the foothills of some outback county somewhere, or something you read in a science fiction book, or…well, anything.

Before anyone says anything, I am meeting with my physican later this week for another matter and will bring this to his attention. However, it’s been brought to his attention in prior years, and he gave me a prescription shampoo which did nothing except make my hair feel like straw (even WITH conditioner).

I absolutely do not know if this has any bearing at all on your situation.

But, having said that, back in 1984, I had a scalp problem with itchy spots that just would NOT go away.

When I consulted our physician about it, he said that what I had was an infected scalp from scratching the initial itch. The itch itself was “probably” from some low-grade bacterial infection. Who knows where it came from?

Instead of scalp shampoos, he prescribed antibiotics for me. Two days later, the “wet” sores dried up, and within a week, they went away forever.

It might be something to bring up to your own physician. Hope you get it under control soon, and best wishes.

The best I did was to use four different kinds of dandruff shampoo, alternating. Worked better than any one alone.

Use vinegar as a final rinse. The mild acid will wash out the excess oils that might be causing the flakes. Keep your eyes shut and grin and bear the pain. YMMV but it did work for me.

It’s possible you have psoriasis rather than dandruff. Any history of that in your family?

I did the alternating shampoo trick on mine. Selsun Blue, followed by Denorex, followed by Head & Shoulders. I finally just said to hell with it and shaved my head.

Believe me, I’ve thought about shaving my head.

This sounds gross, but if I go without washing my hair for about four days, then it seems like the flakes are less. But, as soon as I wash my (by then limp and greasy) hair, they’re back in full force.

My son has it, but he got it from his father. :confused:

Actually, there is a small grass roots movement of a sort of people who dont wash their hair in the traditional manner. It takes several months to manage it properly but essentially you dont do the traditional washing, but instead use a natural bristle brush on your hair to distribute the oil. Your scalp will get accustomed to having the natural oils on it and produce less oil. You basically can rinse it with water, or water infused with vinegar, or herbs. If it gets seriously oily, while you wait for your scalp to settle down you ‘dry shampoo’ it with a powder [frequently you can find victorian and earlier recipes for hair powders - like herbs and orris root powdered.]

Hair Takes A Powder - Bumble & Bumble compares modern hair powder [or dry wash as it can sometimes be called] to cornstarch.