Flame Warriors, choose your Role!

So, who are you in this great list of warriors?

This site has been discussed here many time over the many, many years I’ve been a poster here.

I didn’t realize that, ah well.

That evidently came off snarkier than I meant it to! I was trying to be funny, not take a poke at you the_cleaner. Welcome to the SDMB. Seeing as you aren’t actually flaming anyone, however, I’ve asked a moderator whether they could move it to one of the more social forums.

Be assured everybody on this board is a Filibuster Idealogue. I of course am an Evil Clown.

Hold on, hold on! It appears that this time the posting of the Flame Warriors site is worthy, for the author has deigned to update his page for the first time in a long, long period! Or at least since I last looked.