Flames disabled

OK, due to no end of complaints, I disabled the flaming folders. I’m leaving the smilies in, you’ll just have to learn to restrain yourselves. Also flood control, which I see a few people have already encountered - cheezit, you guys can post a message in 60 friggin seconds?

Thanks, Ed! The flames (as you probably figured out) were just damn irritating. The smilies are no big thing to me, although I like the “Disable Smilies” option. Now I can do this: :o :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

Flood controls are fine as far as I’m concerned, but that may have to do with the fact that I have really sucky typing skills.

Flood control?

Thank’s for putting out the flames, Ed.

Thanks, Ed. As for ‘restraining ourselves’ just how likely do you think that is? If we’re not about wretched excess, what’s the point?

Ed, YOU disabled them? Don’t you have a flock of technical guys with pocket protectors to do that sort of thing for you?

If you’re free later today, could you come over and have a look at my furnace? The darn pilot seems to keep going out.


Thanks for the quick response! Does the firefighters union know about you?

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No more flames! (Other than the kind we’ve always had.) Thank you a million times over, Ed!

I’ve already run into the ‘flood control,’ and its existence doesn’t bother me: I figure you folks have to do certain things to minimize wear and tear on the servers, and prevent a handful of users from creating a deliberate overload.

(For those who haven’t encountered it, if you try to post twice within 60 seconds, you’ll get a message telling you to wait a minute.)

I can deal with the smileys, but just don’t change our color scheme to various shades of red on black and near-black backgrounds, OK? I think you know what I mean… :wink:

Tinkering with the message board and how it behaves is not a bad thing in and of itself though. Suggestion: After posting to a thread of multiple pages, it refreshes to the last page, not the friggin’ first.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ed. You’re a peach, a plum, the cat’s pajamas (you get the idea).

I LIKE the smilies :). Especially these: :rolleyes: and :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m sure I’ll be giving those guys quite a bit of use).

I don’t really have an opinion on flood control. (I’m sure I will the day I make some glaringly stupid typo and a few of you get to it before I can post the correction). But I can definately see what having it on may prevent.

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The board won’t let you post twice within 60 seconds of each other. It should help cut down on the double posts. I tried clicking “submit Reply” several times in succession, and one time I got a double post, one time only a single.

I was once going to start a multiple post contest thread, but in a test, I got 13 in a row without even trying hard. I thought maybe the contest would be a bad idea. :o

I’ll try clicking this post a bunch of times…

It is too clear, and so it is hard to see.

I clicked “submit” about 5 times, but only one post got through.

Oh, and thanks for killing the flames so quickly. Also for bringing back the old :smiley: smiley.

It is too clear, and so it is hard to see.

No more flaming folders? YAY!!! Thanks Ed!

Wow, a quick response to the needs of the consumer…you obviously don’t work for the government, Ed.

How do the new smilies work?
:slight_smile: old happy
:smiley: old big happy
:o old embar.
:frowning: old sad

  1. 8 for eyes?
    :confused: /for mouth?
    @: @ for eyes?
    :stuck_out_tongue: old toungue


Flaming folders?

Flood control?

What were you guys DOING while I was away? (I do like the new smilies, though, especialy the animated ones.)


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I tried to post my vote to the ‘douse flames’ issue last night but couldn’t get through.

Good job, Mr. Zotti!

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thank you very much for the quick action - the board is much easier on the eyes again.

and the stars o’erhead were dancing heel to toe

Democracy rules!

::ducking & running::

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Can’t you set flood control to a lower time? I’ve seen it on other message boards, but the time frame was only a few seconds.