Flaming Bowls of Fire

I saw on a Probot’s video a woman who had two pots/bowls that were lit and burning and she was twirling them around making a choreographed dance number. I remember a few years ago that Madonna had a guy doing the same type of thing during her performance on an awards show. What is this firepot form called and is there any dvds available highlighting it in performances?

I don’t know of a more specific term than firedancing. Were the bowls at the ends of chains? This might have been poi , which I do. (That’s not me though. Just the first good page that came up when I googled it.) I don’t know anyone who does it with bowls - sounds like a dangerous prospect, what with fuel spilling out. Or were the bowls held in the hands? I’ve never seen this, although nearly everyone I know is a firedancer or eater. Lots of us do a Candledance, though, which sounds similar. It’s a very flowy dance with a lit candle in each hand, bringing the candles around in intricate patterns.

I can’t find bowls for sale on the major firespinning supply site: Home of Poi. They may not be a specialty item, and may just be regular bowls adapted for the purpose. Or some people may be using Fire juggling balls, but you’d need kevlar gloves if you weren’t keeping them moving off your hands.

If you like firespinning or dancing, check out this listing of firespinning in movies.

All this talk of fire eating makes me want to suck a frozen cube of ice.

The bowls are at the end of chains, a detail I forgot to incline- sorry. Thank you for the information. I would like to find videos with this. I am going to ask friends if they have seem this or know of anybody that does it- I think a live show would be incredible.

Goodness gracious. Great bowls of fire?

OK, sounds like a variation of poi, then. In poi, round, cubical or rectangular wicks made of folded or wrapped Kevlar are fastened onto the ends of chains. (Picture of fire poi.) They are then soaked in fuel (kerosene, lighter fluid or lamp oil) and lit.

I’m having trouble envisioning safely spinning a bowl with liquid fuel in it, but I will admit fire people can be crazy.

Here’s a great instructional video, with an additional hour of poi spinning.