Flamingos Florida vs Alabama

My friend heard that Flamingos were not native to Florida but were importated from Alabama. I have not found anything either way, can someone give me some prrof for her and a cite.

Thanks in advance


Er, flamingos are not native to North America, period.

All the flamingos that are in both Florida and Alabama were imported from somewhere else.

DDG thanks, do you know where I can find info on which state has more Flamingos either Florida or Alabama?

Flamingos have bred in the Florida Keys (possibly only once), but I am not sure when the last record was. There is some debate among birders and ornithologists whether all the birds seen in Florida are escapes from captivity, or if some might be natural strays from the Caribbean. My guess is that at least a few are (or have been) the latter. I don’t know any numbers off-hand, but I think its pretty certain there have been many more records in Florida than in Alabama.