Since it is now the 65th anniversary of the “Flash Gordon” comic strip, I have a question that I’ve never been able to get an answer for. It is “where did Dr. Zarkove come from-was he a friend of Flash? And…was he Ming’s alter ego?”
I also loved the 1930’s serial version-all those impossible , Jules Verne-style spaceships that made a noise like an old off-tuned radio!
And…Dale Arden was a real babe…too bad they didn’t have thong bikinis in those days!

I knew this once.

I think Dr. Zarkov was the inventor of the spaceship that took Flash, Dale and himself to the planet Mongo(I think that was the name of Ming’s planet)

True 'nuff, PB.

And, seeing himself as Columbus, Zarkov christened the ship he built the “Mongo Santa Maria”??

(Satan made me do it!) :slight_smile: