Flashing gang hand signs in photos - can anyone begin to explain this?

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I think it’s because wearing coonskin fur coats and saying “23 skidoo” no longer works.

What gangs are those signs for?

I hereby partially retract my earlier statement to “most people probably don’t think they’re throwing gang signs and are more likely just throwing a “whut whut” sign or trying to do hip hop hands.” That guy in the middle picture sure looks like he’s trying to imitate throwing a gang sign, for reasons I can only guess at: trying to be funny, or trying to convery to the viewer that damn, it feels good to be a gangster, or perhaps that it ain’t nothing but a G thing, baby. The woman on the left may be giving the devil horns, or reppin’ her set the University of Texas.

Yeah, pretty sure the examples given were intended to be representative rather than exhaustive.

Ha, that’s a whole other different hand sign…

Yeah, they all say “Audi 5000, G” or some variant thereof these days.

Not sure where you’re coming from, but neither authenticity nor knowledge of gang hand signs are requirements to be a gangsta wanna-be.

True. You either have to pretend to kill somebody, or let your homies pretend to beat the shit out of you.

You appear to be under the impression that any hand signal is a gang sign.

The first woman is flashing the Latin Kings sign. The guy in the second picture, as I noted above, seems to be mixing half a Bloods sign with a Crips sign. The woman in the second picture may be doing a “Westside” sign but, if so, it’s not the usual one. The woman in the third picture is doing the victory sign, which is used by gang members but is almost common with lots of other people.

Incidentally, the signs being thrown in this photo identify the subjects as possible members of MS-13.

Yeah, it’s far more likely that a suburban white chick is doing the Latin Kings sign than the molocchio. :dubious:

I want to post a link to a pic of that Jane’s Addiction album, but I won’t because, boobs.:slight_smile:

And this?

The individuals in this photo could be either identifying themselves as members of the Insane Vice Lords, or could be giving a crude hand gesture known as “the Shocker.”

This man in these photographs could be affiliated with both MS-13 and the Latin Kings.

This woman could possibly be identifying herself as a member of Texas Prison Gang Hermanos de Pistoleros Latinos.

ETA: Trying to be amusing, not snarky (although the signs are accurate). :slight_smile:

You appear to be mistaken.

Bunch of straight-up crazy gangsta bitches you got yourself there.

They do it to show they’re as cool as Mayor Rob Ford.

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