Flat earth clowns!

Why all of a sudden are there so many people now making youtube videos about the earth being flat? the money? the things they say are so easily disproved yet there are more everyday

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Perhaps they are also Ben Carson supporters?

Sadly, I’m not kidding.

I’ve never seen anyone claiming earth to be flat. Especially with the photos of Earth from the space.

Flat tax, young Earth.

The Flat Earth Society

I see a lot of “confirming the consequent” (if A then B, B, hence A) fallacies. Oh well. It’s their own right to pursue such. Although, I have to wonder, haven’t they seen the photo of the Earth from the space?

Is there any reason to believe that site isn’t a hoax?

FOX found that they had some standards left, so Youtube is the outlet for those yahoos.


But seriously, it seems that they are not a hoax:


The revenue you get from someone viewing your video to point and laugh at your stupidity is equivalent to the revenue you would get from someone viewing your videos and coming away with the impression that you are a smart and talented individual - but the latter requires far more effort in the production.

I and a small group of my friends (cartographers and GIS techs) talked about starting up The Flatten The Earth Society - the ultimate goal of this organisation would be to turn our spherical planet into a flat world - to forever banish the frustrating limitations of all the various map projections.

I thought that said “Fiat” earth clowns.

I* like* Fiats.

I’ve heard that Mercator is about as close as you can possibly get. Is there something better?

There are several of them such as mark sergeant or jeranism and thriveandsurvive, and eric dubay
they don’t believe there are satellites they think the sun is 4000 miles away also the moon is also a light they think the sun moves around the earth they think theres an ice wall around the earth and no one can travel to Antartica that he navy patrols it
i just thought someone would know if what they are doing is getting paid from youtube ads to get subscribers they also ask for donations and for the last 8 months here has gone from 100 videos to 100,000

Well, the Earth’s atmosphere refracts the light-rays, and so the horizons aren’t where they appear to be in the photo. Sort of like the “fisheye lens” effect.

(Okay, I’m joking… Except this is actually true. The earth’s atmosphere does refract light, a little. If you’re near sea-level, and watch the sun set, the sun is not actually where it appears to be. If all the air were magically to vanish – or to have zero index of refraction – the sun would actually already be below the horizon.)

Back in 1983 or so, I joined The International Flat Earth Research Society – the one run by Charles K. Johnson. I was hoping it would be fun. It wasn’t. The poor bonehead was absolutely without any sense of humor or grace in any form. His newsletters were mere rants, and he did not allow members of the “society” to contact each other. All correspondence was solely through him, and he blanked out our names when he published our letters in his news page.

He was absolutely dead serious. When his wife visited Australia, she came back with a notarized affidavit, declaring that she had never been “upside down” at any time during her whole trip.

I’ve always thought the Flat Earth Society was tongue-in-cheek. Hell, I’ve even considered joining just for grins.

I guess if you’ve ever wanted to experiment with crazy sex is the best sex, this would be a good group to sign on with. Fairly low level and harmless on the crazy scale, but crazy none the less.

I don’t know if I want to sleep with any of them.