Flat Iron Steak

Is there any way to cook a flat iron steak without a barbecue grill?


You need a cast iron skillet to do it right.

We tried flat iron steak for the first time last week. It was too windy to use the grill, so we broiled it.

I was really impressed at the tenderness. Heck, I think it’s the most tender piece of beef we’ve ever had. But it didn’t have the flavor of a ribeye, maybe because it was so lean, so if we have it again, we’ll marinate it.

I grilled tonight, but in reference to a marinade, I cut this with my fork.

I generally cook my steak over a high heat so it jas a good char on the outside and is med rare in the middle. It takes about 4 minutes a side for a loin strip. That method does not work with a flatiron steak as it makes it tough. The recipe that was linked to uses a med heat for 5-7 minutes per-side, that is important to note.

This was our impression too, even though we were able to grill it. I was so surprised by the cut I’d considered a thread and am glad to see amarinth went ahead with it.

Is this actually a new cut (as it states on our particular package) or just the remarketing of an old one? It’s a good choice to keep in reserve in the freezer for nights when you suddenly find yourself without a ready main course.

While I don’t have it with me, the tag on the packaging had cooking instructions, temp and time, for the grill and the broiler.

Looks like it’s a new cut: Flat Iron Steak

I’ve only had them a couple of times, they’re not bad. Now that I finally have a grill, I’ll probably give it another shot.

Sounds like the beef marketers are at it again; we have to pay high prices for the formerly cheap cuts, flank and skirt steak, now, it looks like they’re trying to cast chuck as a premium cut. It’s chuck; it should be cheap. Don’t buy into the hype.

Could be. It is inexpensive, tender and tasty. They will probably double or triple the price once Mrs. Plant requires it for romantic dinners. :rolleyes: