flavored waters and/or fruit2o

I just want to know if these are safe alternatives to regular water. They are water, but they have that fake sugar in them. Your body doesn’t know what to do with this fake sugar, so it metabolizes like real sugar (Could be debatable). Can your body seperate the fake sugar from the water and use the water as water? Thank you.

When you drink water, it mixes with whatever is already in your stomach, or with whatever you put in after it.

In other words, even when you drink just water, your body still has to seperate it from whatever else you ate that is now dissolved in it. Drinking sugar-water is no different from drink water, and then eating some sugar (or vice versa).

Your body doesn’t metabolize the sugar derivative in these drinks. Sucralose is a derivative of normal sugar, sucrose. It has three chlorine functionalities substituted for three of the normal -OH groups on the molecule. The fact that chlorine is an electronegative atom, as is the oxygen in OH means that sucralose will bind to your taste buds, making you “taste” the sweetness. The difference in the molecule makes it taste stronger, up to about 600 times according to one site I read. This means that manufacturers can use i600 times LESS in their products and get the same sweetness. But once in your body, you are unable to do anything with it. Proper binding of the molecule to break it down cannot occur, and so you get no energy from it (no calories).

Currently, there doesn’t appear to be any risk in consuming sucralose, BUT this is a relatively new compound, with limited toxicity, metabolic, carginogenic or other biological studies, especially long term ones. Remember aspartame? It was advertised the same way sucralose is now, but there now appears to be some risk involved with high intake of aspartame over long periods of time.

As for the water, your body will be able to use the water in the drink the same way it can from any other foods, so that isn’t a problem. Most if not all of the other artifical or natural flavours in this drink are considered to be safe at this point, and they have been for some time.

I haven’t read enough on this subject to say that it is an unsafe alternative drink. The FDA currently believes it is, and they have very rigourous standards for safety.

Summary of sucralose data:

The FDA currently believes it is safe

Sorry for the poor phrasing there. It made sense to me at the time!