Flesh out this gag from Good Times

This just popped in my head. In one of the episodes of Good Times there was this gag where someone asked JJ a question, to which he answered “O.J. Simpson”. I believe it was a non sequitur played for laughs as O.J. Simpson wasn’t a cromulent answer to whatever the question was. Then the person asked (I think) two further questions, and both times, with increasing emphasis, JJ answered “O.J. Simpson”, to a corresponding increase in the laffs and guffaws on the soundtrack.

Anyone remember this, and what the gag was?

I don’t know, but the show was running during OJ’s rise to fame as a record-breaking running back. I assume the joke occurred during a period when his name was frequently used in a number of contexts. JJ responding to questions with non sequitors was pretty common for his character.

This was also during a time when OJ was the spokesman for Hertz rent-a-car and had numerous commercials of him running through airports to the Hertz counter.

In the TV series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, there was an episode in which Buck told someone about “the Juice”, referring to OJ Simpson. Buck only discussed his football career, even though Buck had supposedly left Earth after the trial. Of course, the series was made before the murders.

Nope. Buck launched in 1987. (And, of course, in his timeline, everyone involved in the case died in the nuclear war.)