Flex-spending accounts and dual incomes

So Typo Knig just started a new job, and the job offers a healthcare spending account (not the HSA sort that goes with a high-deductible plan, but rather a plain vanilla sort that you run your deductibles and copays through).

I also have such an account; we’ve always used that and always run out of money before we run out of year. This year, the money was gone by July.

I ran the numbers with our health expenses for last year and they exceeded the limit by a fair bit. As in, we could max out both accounts and not have any money left on the table.

The question: In the case of a dual-earner family, are there any restrictions on having both spouses with the flex accounts? Beyond not double-dipping that is - i.e. if I have a 100 deductible, we can’t get that 100 dollars from both accounts, only one of them.