Flies reproduction and your picnic

It’s the right time of year for this. You go to a picnic. Everybody puts out the food, and you eat later. While your out having fun, the flies are landing on the food and having fun too. How long after they land on the food, does it take for the eggs to become crawling maggots. I don’t care if they are small at that point.

Housefly? The 600 or so eggs one fly can lay hatch in 12 to 24 hrs.
By the way if you’re leaving that food out, Omniscient has some moldy bread you can use for sandwiches.

I’m talking about a company picnic when you get there about nine in the morning and leave around midnight. Thanks for the information. I won’t be eating the food towards the later half of the picnic.

Good heavens, Phobia, by the latter half of the company picnic you are SUPPOSED to be drunk and screwing in the bushes with Hoskins of Accounting!


I’d be more worried about salmonella and E.coli than maggots. Although if I was eating a piece of chicken and looked down to see maggots crawling in it like the unfortunate photographer in Poltergeist, I’d probably wish for an acute case of food poisoning to strike me dead.

“That meat is fine. Just wash the maggots off.”

Captain of the Battleship Potemkin

Sounds like dinner at my mother-in-law’s house!

“Warning! Warning! All Vegetarians! Don’t eat the salads there is maggot meat in them.” Don’t think I am coming back to this thread. I just ate(ULP) lunch.

It wasn’t the captain, it was the doctor, Chuck :slight_smile: not that it maters, Vakulinchuk’s gonna rock the house and show the officers where they can wash that side of beef.

(monster big Potemkin fan!)

Cave Diem! Carpe Canem!

The meat’s fine. It stays in cooler until they cook it for you. Everything else on the other hand stays out all day with flies crawling on it, because people don’t recover the food. Yes, most people are plastered, why else stay that long?

Potato salad is as deadly as rotten meat. Do they let the nasty mayonnaise-based squishy salads sit out all day? Might as well chug a bottle of rat poison.

I don’t touch potato salad. You won’t get any of that boiled down cowhide they call geletine past these lips either.