Flight of the Conchords, hip hop

I really don’t expect much feedback on this thread, but I am hoping to get at least one other person to confirm this for me, so that I don’t feel I am crazy.

I recently had the pleasure of discovering the Flight of the Conchords. I saw them on Letterman, and now I have youtubed all of their stuff.

On their song Hippopotumus vs. the Rhymenocerous, I noticed that the first verse of the song, rapped by Rhymenocerous is very much in the style of Sticky Fingas from the hip hop group Onyx.

Am I crazy, or did he jack Sticky’s style for the first verse of the song. I noticed the rest of the song did not have the same style…there is plenty of style-switching in the song.

By the way, I like the song. It is pretty good.

What’s a song that’s representative of Sticky Fingas’ style?

oh! I didn’t think I would get any responses on this topic. I am wholey unprepared. Let me look and get back with a link.

Ok. This is the video for “Slam”. It is old as heck, but I think it is a great example of Sticky’s style.

The best example begins at 2:18 on the video.

It is just the feel of the flow that seems the same to me. I can’t really put my finger on it, though.