Flip flopper supreme

Here are a couple of lists for Romney flip flops and flip flop flips. How a serious presidential candidate can get away this this is beyond my comprehension.

Stay tuned I am sure this list will have many additions before the election.


It does make you wonder. How can a Presidential candidate be taken seriously when he’s flip flopped on Gitmo, extraordinary rendition, FISA, government transparency, middle class taxes, gay marriage, the individual mandate, and taking public campaign funds.

Etch-a-sketch adaher.

Those changes have nothing to do with the President’s dealings with congress. They are all either personal views, or things he solely does as an executive(in one case, as a candidate). The only two having to do with Congress were flip-flops while working with a Democratic Congress.

He has yet to move an inch in dealings with the Republican Congress.

There’s an article posted yesterday on The Daily Kos (ymmv) about Romney’s flip flopping and the possibility of him showing signs of Alzheimer’s.

Anyone who hates flip floppers only has one logical choice: Gary Johnson.

Wow. Personally, I don’t think it’s a medical issue. I believe he honestly does not consider himself bound to make consistent statements, that’s something only lesser people need worry about.

Let’s see what the public thinks of all this:

Which candidate is better:

“Being consistent and standing up for his beliefs”

Obama 37%, Romney 35%.

That’s gotta hurt.


Try watching this without wincing.

You keep saying that, and it’s completely untrue. The problem has been that Obama has been notoriously and painfully conciliatory and the Republican House has refused to budge an inch. That led to this infamous quotein which tea party candidate Mourdock declared that compromise meant that ⁠”I certainly think bipartisanship ought to consist of Democrats coming to the Republican point of view,”

As long as you continue to claim that Obama has refused to move an inch in dealing with the Republican Congress, we can dismiss any posts you make as based on a foundation of falsehood.   Look, we all know you're carrying enough water for Romney to resolve the midwest drought, but if you're going to make blanket statements that are patently untrue, there's no reason we should listen to you.

I tend to agree with Romney about 50% of the time.

There was never a debt ceiling offer by the President. At least not one that was written down. No one knows what was in this offer. Only that he made non-specific commitments to do something about entitlements while never actually committing himself to anything specific.

Name one thing the President has proposed, WRITTEN DOWN, that is different from what he was proposing before the 2010 elections and is closer to the GOP position than before.

And kindly avoid the ad hominems until you’ve actually proven your case.

Please make sure you comment on the argument and not the poster.

With President Obama and Congressional leaders mired in behind-the-scenes deficit negotiations, a group of House GOP freshmen came to the White House this morning to publicly express their frustration and demand the president put forth a written plan outlining his proposal to reduce the deficit.

“We are coming down to crunch time. We need your plan… show us and show the American people what your plan is,” Rep. Tom Reed, R-N.Y., told reporters, and a few curious tourists, outside the White House today. “There was no written proposal for $4 trillion, it was all verbal… We need to see from the president, in black and white, what are your cuts, where are your increases in taxes. Let’s put it in writing so there can be no confusion as to where you stand.”

The group of roughly 20 freshmen have sent two letters to the president asking for his written proposal and today accused Obama of all talk and no action. “This president has done nothing but sit around and talk. Press conferences do not result in a plan,” said Rep. Tim Griffin, R-Ark. “We need something that the CBO can score and that we can analyze as a plan.”

Asked today by ABC News’ Jake Tapper why the president has not presented his plan on paper, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said today “what we’re willing to do is clear.”

“The president has made clear in his negotiations with congressional leadership exactly and in great detail what a grand bargain, if you will, would look like and the steps he’d be willing to take and the measures he’d be willing to support to make that happen,” Carney said.


When your first two sentences contradict each other, your argument is in trouble. It seems to me that at best, you’re splitting hairs by saying Obama’s ideas didn’t count because he didn’t submit a proposal in writing.

Extension of Bush tax cuts is probably the most notorious example.

Really? So not closing Gitmo was Obama’s fault, and not the Senate’s? Nice try.

You can’t count what isn’t written down. He said he offered a $4 trillion grand bargain. But the Republicans never saw the offer, the Democrats in Congress never saw the offer, and the media, despite asking, never saw the offer. If you have seen the offer, please let us know what was in it.

The President’s position from day 1 is that the Bush tax cuts should only be extended for those making under $250,000.

The President’s position today is EXACTLY the same. So tell me where the movement is.

A better phrasing would be “I say what isn’t written down doesn’t count because it doesn’t suit my argument.” :wink: