Floater, WTH is WRONG with you??!?!?!?!

SRLY?!! That was the worst threadshit I’ve ever seen! I have NEVER pitted another poster. That was a cruel, unspeakable thing you did. Unconsionable.
I don’t even have the words.

Wanna know more?

Check here or here.
Don’t click on his link.

I can’t open that link here; it’s blocked for being categorized as offensive.

But, really, it seems like an innocuous joke to me. You might be offended by dead cats, but is it all that bad?

The pics are very graphic. I almost lost my breakfast this morning looking at them. (Maybe I have a weak stomach?)

It was in bad taste, sure. But I’m not seeing cruel or unconscionable. He didn’t actually hurt any cats.

Yeah, it’s THAT bad.

Thet’re not just dead, but in various stages of mutilation.

The link is throw-up bad if you are a cat lover. Floater is an inbred asshole who just had to take a malicious, steaming dump in a thread where someone was excited about saving the live of a stray cat.

I really don’t pay much attention to poster names when I’m reading, but I will remember this cretin and know not to ever look at anything posted under his name.

I’m very disappointed in the mods for their lack of action. No warning at all on that link, and I fucking clicked it. “It wasn’t that bad”, my wide white ass.

Karma’s a bitch, Floater, and she has your fucking name.

Eh, look. Yes, it was an egregious threadshit. But your burger looks a lot like those pics during its manufacture. I doubt I’ll be back to check on this thread, because I’m certain I’ll be called all sorts of names, but really, protein is protein. Cats are food animals in a lot of places.

So, meh. (Also cue up the “People are protein! Are you saying that cannibalism is OK?!” false equivalences.)

Yeah, but if someone talked about their pet cow, would you post pictures of a slaughter house…without even warning them? It’d be one thing if it were a thread about slaughter houses, or meals involving cats. But it’s not.

(I’m just going to say thank you for the warning – Ellen Cherry didn’t even warn people what it was, she just put it in a spoiler box! Big deal. Now I know not to click on it.)

He didn’t post it for information, or to make a dead cat joke, or whatever. But just to be a major dickbag.

:dubious: OK, I’m a vegetarian, do I have the “right” to be offended, then? C’mon, the douche drops a mutilated cat link in the middle of an animal rescue thread and all he gets is a no-explanation spoiler box on it and a “don’t do that again” farther down the thread? She called it a threadshit; she should have just deleted it.

That is not the fucking issue, and you damned well know it. The issue, in case you are too incredibly fucking stupid to figure it out, is posting something you KNOW is going to be offensive without even using the two click rule.

Most of the time I enjoy this board, but there are a few people on here…

The fact that you know that argument would be made is a pretty good indication that you think it a good one. Else why poison the well?

Probably not, but if it were a thread about finding a stray cow, hey, maybe.

You’re absolutely right. Cats are exactly like humans. (Now, cue up the ol’ “No they’re NOT! They’re BETTER” drama-queen argument. It will amuse me.)

Looks more like photos from a dissection to me. Anatomy class, maybe.

I love my cat, but… meh. I still think the Holocaust was worse, overall.

It was a nasty dick move and a threadshit, but the response seems…disproportionate to me.

I am not sure we should expect better than a threadshit from a poster named “Floater**”.**

I saw the ATMB thread, then went and checked the offending post, and I gotta say it’s not that bad. There are woman-titties in the banner ads though. NSFW, yeah.

Otherwise, it’s clearly a joke sight, and not even that well done. All he’s got are a few clinical pics of cat dissections. That’s not considered mutilation really is it?

Tacky and NSFW, but I’m not feeling the torches and pitchforks over this one.

Mutilation? It’s a couple photos of cats in the process of being dissected. Do you not see the scalpels and exam gloves? I had to do the “mutilations” being done to these cats in an anatomy class.

While the link in question really served no purpose, let’s not go overboard in what was pictured.

I don’t understand the mindset of threatshitters. Are they so hateful they can’t stand to see other people enjoying something? Why do something you know perfectly well is going to upset people who aren’t bothering you to begin with? Is it the action of someone who is upset they’re not getting enough attention? Or is it someone who, because they don’t like something, thinks on one else should like it either?

If someone can explain that mindset to me, I’m willing to listen. I don’t promise to understand, but I will listen.

And the strawmen! Blessed Goddess, no one is saying it’s the worst thing that’s happened in the history of the human race! All I’m saying is that it was pointless, cruel and unnecessary.

And yes, I like my cats MUCH better than I like people who do pointless, cruel and unnecessary things.

Hey, sometimes thread shitting can be funny. It’s not like every last post in a thread has to be right on topic. If it’s a little jokey post in the middle everything … who really cares. But pictures of dissected cats in a thread about what to do with stray cats? That’s a little mean.

He could have just said, “What to do with a stray cat? How about a fricasee?” and nobody would have given much of a shit. It’s the pictures that done him in, I say.